This is how you stretch your vision ;)

There’s a (somewhat secret) hashtag that’s going around my Boldheart Business program this year. It’s called #7in2017.

You know what it stands for and who’s using it?

It’s the rallying cry for a group of business owners working with me this year who are committed to reaching 7 figures in 2017.

Over the last few years, our Boldheart Business Owners have been quietly reaching the million-dollar mark, without much fanfare, but with great satisfaction. It’s become a normal thing around here.

How do we do it? By strettttchhinnnnngggg our members to think sooooo much bigger, as we did with this business owner in our Leverage Track program. Watch the video below to understand the process (and how you can apply it too):

The thing that sets this kind of support we provide apart from anything else I’ve seen is how we decide to believe what is possible FIRST, before taking any action.

When you believe that big things are possible for you, and that you can absolutely create a 7-figure or even multiple 7-figure business, once we stretch your mindset to accept this, THAT is when it can become a reality in your life. Not before.

It takes having your mindset stretched (by yours truly), a roadmap and GPS to follow exactly, and a loving community to believe in you and hold you accountable every single day, during the good times and the bad times too. (I believe that without this, it’s virtually impossible to go big.)

In today’s new video, you’ll hear about a wonderful doctor I work with who lives in Vienna who wanted to increase her practice, but wasn’t sure how to make it really big. Watch the video to hear how we stretched her into seeing a big new vision for what’s possible, one that is going to allow her to work with so many more people, create so much more abundance…and how you can apply this same process to your business, right now.

It’s just 4 minutes long. Go ahead and watch it.

What do you think? Would you rather have a “normal business” that creates acceptable results, or…

…would you rather have a Boldheart Business that defies the expectations of all of the “pragmatic and practical” people out there? Do this exercise. What would your business look like if you allowed your mindset to expand to this possibility? And then… Take. Bold. Action.

(So much for that hashtag being a secret!)

Ready for #7in2017? How about #7in2018?

Let’s do it,

P.S. Want to experience the Fabienne stretcher too? Let’s start sooner rather than later. It all starts with one conversation and you can claim your free call with one of my brilliant Strategy Coaches.

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