How’s your mindset? [new never-before-seen video]

This video is never-before-seen footage that is quite though provoking. It’s about what’s getting in your way from growing your business to that next level. (Click on the video screen below to play.)

In the video I share something that’s preventing you from moving forward. The problem is you probably aren’t even aware of the concept so you may not know what it even is. You can’t work on changing it unless you watch this video first.

This video just scratches the surface of the intense and powerful training I do with my attendees over 3 days at my Mindset Retreat.

After you watch the video, I want to remind you about the time-sensitive offer for my Mindset Retreat that ends TOMORROW August 31st.

I have made it SUPER easy for you to join me in September. Register by midnight, Tuesday August 31st and you can bring a guest absolutely F.R.E.E OF CHARGE. Bring your spouse, your business partner, a friend or networking colleague, and split the tuition together. It’s an awesome deal!

This offer goes away though at midnight, Aug. 31st. Sorry, no exceptions!

It’s ok with me if you work out a deal together to split the Mindset Retreat tuition, and you’ll just work that out on your own. And no, this generous offer doesn’t mean I can cut your tuition in half. The tuition remains the same whether you bring someone with you or not. Fair enough?)

Looking for someone to split the registration with? Visit my Facebook page and look at the countless number of people reaching out looking for others to share the tuition with. You can easily find someone to partner with…

You can learn more about my Mindset Retreat and watch my video – plus tons of success stories here.

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You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

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  1. Hi Fabienne,

    Thanks for sharing this video on mindset. Mastering our “inner game” represents a large percentage of our success, and deserves focused attention and awareness. Great use of examples to illustrate your point!

    John Curran

  2. Great Video Fabienne!

    Being congruent is a necessity in creating the outcomes that you desire in life and in your business success. Thanks for sharing this! It is a great reminder that what we put into our thoughts and emotions expresses itself externally and internally.

  3. Thank you Fabienne! Perfect timing. I have just started a new branch of my shamanic business: Agate Shamanic Counseling – and I have been working on ways to release the blocks I have in the way of receiving new clients for this program! Thanks again for the great info.

  4. You are so right, Fabienne, about marketing till you’re blue in the face…….but it won’t work unless your mindset is in alignment. Love the example that you share about having the foot on the accelerator and hand on the brake…….! Great info – thanks!

    Pat Mussieux

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