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A new business tool for you

For close to a year now, I’ve been working on a new (free) business tool for you.

It’s meant to help you get immense clarity on how to take your existing business, the one you want to grow, and dramatically increase it and your income, while gaining your freedom back. Here it is:


Over all these years of business coaching thousands of people, I’ve become conscious of the fact that some people are rocking the financial results in their business (we have several Boldheart Business members newly at 7 figures this year, others who excitedly crossed the 500K level in 2016, and others still who are enjoying being in the “Six Figure Club” for the first time ever and are loving it)…

…and then, there are other business owners in the world who, well, wish they were creating those results. They sometimes think, when no one’s watching, that something’s wrong with them.

Well, what you may not realize is that it’s not because the people in the first group are any better than other business owners out there. No. They are not better than you.

With all due respect to these wonderful people, they’re actually “common” people. They are a lot like you, yes, but they’re creating uncommon results because they have access to certain information that others just don’t know exists.

They have immense CLARITY around their current stage of business and about the right NEXT STEPS to prioritize and follow in that stage of business.

For years now, we’ve been creating this kind of “secret catalyst” information and trainings that change everything for certain businesses, helping them finally catapult into the next (previously) unattainable level, while giving the business owner her freedom back.

But in the past, not everyone had access to this information, including you, unless they worked directly with us and joined the Boldheart Business program.

Well, as we shift into 2017 and everything that we now stand for here at Boldheart, it’s time to change that and give you a taste of what has helped them get from overwhelmed to 7 figures, while gaining their life back.

The valuable resource I’ve been working on for close to a year is a business assessment. It’s free and (we’ve been told) very helpful.

Take the free assessment now by clicking here.

After over 17 years of coaching business owners to attract clients and grow their business to 6 figures, and then 7 figures and beyond, I’ve distilled success down to eight individualized activators that are the key to consistent and reliable growth, security and freedom.

I created a reliable, predictable framework from these eight activators, and then I asked the incredible techy-people on my team (oh how I respect you, incredible techy people) to create a tool – for YOU – to assess your next steps as it relates to each of the eight activators.

I invite you to take the Boldheart Business Assessment now.

This tool analyzes your current business, whatever its stage, and shows you what it specifically needs to reach a million, with actions to take based on your assessment results. It is the path to reaching 7 figures and gaining your life back.

Take the assessment today so you can prioritize and follow the actions that matter most to creating the best year of your life.

So you can join the ranks of the “ordinary people” enjoying “extraordinary results.”

Predictable business growth is not luck, and no, it is not an accident. It is a science.

To your clarity,


P.S. It is often said that the key to getting where you want to go is to first know where you stand. Let’s take the pulse of your business, understand the most powerful areas for you to direct your energy and give you the systematic, proven path to success. Take the free 5-minute assessment right now.

Enjoy! xo

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