Networking Tips for Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures [video]

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In this video I share a few simple yet extraordinarily profound tips on how to use networking to form strategic alliances and joint venture relationships to attract more clients.

If you do ANY networking in your business (who doesn’t) then you need to make sure you watch.

I also share a special opportunity to join me in Dallas as my guest at the annual eWomenNetwork Conference where I’ll be speaking in July.

Contact my team at to join me in Dallas and I can’t wait to see you there!

You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

Perhaps we should talk?

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  1. Great tips as always Fabienne. I have always felt like networking was a weakness and I feel like I am making real progress – thanks to you!!
    Francine xx

  2. Clea, so glad you liked the video tips. They’re simple and yet so important in helping you get more clients. Nothing matters more than getting out there in a big way. So glad you’re thinking of coming to the EWomenNetwork conference. Remember, just email my team at and we’ll give you that discounted fee (plus, you get to spend time with me too, either lunch, dinner of drinks… Details TBD.) See you then!

  3. You’re right, we are all scared to start networking! My first business breakfast is this week at 7:15am on Wednesday! Very nervous but will use your tips from the home study system and this video to get going! Helen xx

  4. Sounds great – does that tuition include a wig and lipstick so that I can try to slip in as one of the girls or am I just out of luck? Shawn

  5. Is this a networking site for women only, because in the video clips I see only women and now only women posting comments. Am I in the right place, because I get the e-mails and was directed to this site.

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