Negative beliefs about marketing? Read this.

When you think of marketers and marketing, what comes to mind? Is it the pushy used car salesman, making false promises and overdoing it? Or is it the interruptions to your favorite TV shows and your social media feeds being overwhelmed with ads?

Since marketing is a part of our everyday lives as consumers and as business owners, you’re likely to have some strong feelings about it. Unfortunately, negative feelings around being a marketer can affect how you share your gifts with the world…and how much revenue you generate.
Recently, I shared some truth about what it takes to reach seven figures in your business: Omnipresent Marketing. 
Because many business owners cringe at the idea of marketing, especially the prospect of multiplying their efforts by 2X, 5X or 10X, we must shift our mindset before we can start to see real results
In ‘part 1’ of our work on upgrading our marketing mindset, I asked you to spend some time identifying some of your potentially limiting beliefs around marketing, marketers and visibility. 
If you need last week’s message on how to identify these, you can find last week’s exercise here
To create a shift, it’s important to identify any negative feelings about marketing (and the beliefs you created around them), because they will stop you on a subconscious level. 
It may not be immediately obvious how these feelings and beliefs are stopping you or causing you to stay small. Resistance can show up in many different ways! 
So let’s start shifting those so you can feel great about putting yourself out there in a much bigger way. 
You may also wonder where these beliefs came from and why you still carry them, so today I would like you to start thinking about the types of marketers you’ve encountered. 

It is likely that, if you have a negative view of marketers and marketing in general, you have been exposed to marketers who made you feel they couldn’t be trusted or didn’t have your best interest in mind. 

It’s important to note that not all marketers are created equal. It’s easy to lump them all into this basket of “bad”, “sleazy”, “out for themselves” types of people. 

There are actually very good marketers out there, those who do things in integrity and who actually care. People (and the businesses they run) with a good heart who are there to bring value, change people’s lives and do good in the world. 

For now, though, let’s clear the impressions left by the not-so-good ones. 

Take some time to write down some of the experiences that you’ve had that really made you feel shy about being seen as a marketer (at least a 10X marketer). 

Sit quietly with some paper and answer the following questions, and remember not to edit or second-guess yourself. 

  • List the experiences or people that negatively impacted your view of marketing
  • What belief did you create for yourself about what being a prolific marketer means?

You may be surprised at what comes to mind – just put it down on paper. And you can always come back and add more if something comes up in your daily life. 

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