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My process for hiring the right people, always

If you are going to grow your business to multiple 6 figures or even to the million-dollar mark, you are going to need to hire people to help you do it.

There’s no way around that.

And this can feel like a pretty scary thing. I get it.

Mostly, we fear losing control of the way we do things. We fear that they won’t do it like we do, or show the same care, or pay as much attention as we would.

I can 100% personally attest to the fear of losing control.

I’ve often referred to myself as a “control enthusiast.” 😉

(Maybe you, too, feel that way in your own business?)

I’ve had to work on this, because I realized some time ago that I couldn’t go where I wanted to go by doing everything myself.

In this week’s video, I will show you exactly how to overcome this fear. And no, it’s probably NOT what you’re thinking, so watch it now:

The key here is to hire people who will be an extension of YOU.

This is about hiring people who are a fit for your company, where there’s real “congruence” for everyone who encounters them, rather than people who can simply do the work but don’t carry the essence of YOU.

This is about VALUES first. It’s about LEADERSHIP.

I talk about Kiva in this video. If you don’t know Kiva yet, she is the Master Coach and Mentor for our Growth Track. At the meeting she held this last week in Stamford, Kiva shared this with our members:

“Leadership is sharing your vision with others and aligning their strengths to achieve that vision.”

It’s about creating an environment of excellence with your team.

So your work is to figure out what it is that you do that makes what you do so special.

What are the “secret” or “special sauce” values that matter to you in your company?

I share our 5 company values in this video, and I hope you’ll use them as inspiration to create your own – but it’s actually really important that you discover your own on your own, if that makes any sense.

This way, you’ll have a foundation for who you will and who you won’t hire for your team.

They will know what the expectations will be and you will know if they are meeting them. This creates trust.

You’ll trust them to be an ambassador of those values in the work that they do for you, and they will trust you.

Which means that they’ll be more committed to your business than probably any other place they’ve ever worked.

And they may never want to go anywhere else.

Will you try it?

Create your own 7-figure company’s values:

Four or five ideals that represent what you stand for and what you desire those who work for you to embrace as they help you grow and serve more people.

This way, letting go of (some) control won’t be quite so scary.

Sending you love and positivity!


P.S. There are obviously a LOT more subtleties and best practices to hiring a great team to take over the day-to-day than just 4 or 5 company values.
After making all the mistakes you can imagine in not just hiring team members (virtual and real live people) but also marketing my business, creating systems, generating referrals, and closing the sale, I have learned how to systematically get a business to 10K a month.

And when you’re at 10K a month consistently (and a bit overwhelmed), I have the proven 8-step process to taking that business to close to 100K a month consistently in 3-5 years (depending on how far along you are).
In fact, 3 women told me last week when we had our meeting in Connecticut that they had crossed the million dollar mark already this year for the first time (it’s only September, mind you).

Even if you’re looking to make just 5K a month consistently, you can’t do it alone. You need direction, you need accountability and you need a tribe to support you so you feel confident taking the next bold step.

If that’s you, meaning you want to grow, let’s talk.

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They can help.

Let’s map out your bigger future and make a plan for reaching it.

You’re not alone.

We’ve been waiting for you this whole time.

Don’t be shy. Just reach out here.


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