My life in Provence

I have a behind-the-scenes, no makeup, sunscreen in my hair message for you today.

We are on vacation in Provence in the south of France for three weeks, one of which includes welcoming nine amazing women business owners from the US to spend a week living with me in my new Boldheart Life program. It is glorious. The smell of lavender dances in the air, the market feels alive, and the produce is so fresh.

And it struck me…this is my life. This is literally the fruit of my labor. So I want to share with you some truth about how I got here. I talk to way too many women who are working far harder for themselves, for far less than they ever would for someone else.

(I’m sure there are male business owners who experience this, too. We love them and welcome them with loving, open arms.)

Why do we do this to ourselves, and how do we get out of our self-imposed pressure cooker?

Watch this message of inspiration to find out:

Most business owners are doing this backwards. They say to themselves…

When I’m successful I’ll take a vacation.

Once I start making consistent money, I’ll stop working on nights and weekends.

If I don’t do this one last thing, no one will.

If you’re not intentional about how you run your business, your business will run you.

You get to decide. How much. How often. How your life looks.

Will you do this for yourself today? Take a few minutes to design your ideal life and how it fits into your business.

As I mention in today’s video, once you have a clear vision, you can absolutely begin to put the pieces in place to move you toward it. 

May the breeze from Provence inspire you to believe. It’s all possible.

Much love,

P.S. We are here to help you figure this out and show you the path to the future you envision. As crazy as it sounds, it really is about systems, strategy and a plan.

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