My dark little secret…

So, I was doodling in my office the other day, kind of in a trance state, and I realized something.

The difference between people who achieve what they want and those who don’t just comes down to whether they get in their own way or not.

I know, duh. But for many years, I was a fraud in my business and my life.

I was the poster child for self-sabotage. And I blamed everyone and everything else for my lack of results.

Here’s my deep dark little secret:

Even though I put on a nice façade for everyone for many years in my business, here’s what was really going on:

I used to believe that I wasn’t good enough to be successful I didn’t have faith in myself (or much of anything, to be truthful) I used to be gripped by fear(s), often daily I approached life from a lack perspective I didn’t finish what I started I lacked boundaries I was distracted by bright shiny objects (squirrel!) I made important life decisions from a Victim perspective I was resentful and jealous of other people I didn’t feel like I deserved more in my life Basically, on the inside, I had a huge lack of self-confidence.

I just felt totally inadequate for a lot of my life.

Sooooo, when a really good opportunity came along, personally or professionally, I would talk myself out of it and wouldn’t take it, even though I knew it would take me to where I ultimately wanted to be.

Pretty shocking actually. I mean, I knew I was smart. I knew I was a good person, but this was self-sabotage at its fullest and couldn’t seem to stop it.

Until one day.

I decided to make a commitment to upgrade my mindset.

It didn’t just land in my lap. I mean, you can’t do your own mindset work. If you could have, you would have, right??

No, I had to make a decision and say yes to an opportunity to transform my mindset and stop getting in my own way.

And so I did. I signed up to do mindset work and within 9 months, I tripled my income in one year. And then multiplied that.

And now…

I have new beliefs and convictions that I am here for really big things I think waaaaayyy bigger (and my students pay me for that) I understand the universal, spiritual principles that govern all of life I play this game of life, not haphazardly, but according to the instructions I have simple processes that are very powerful for getting past fear I continually overcome blocks that get in the way I’ve increased my wealth consciousness (and my results, because of it) I have a Victor’s mentality now I am not afraid of the unknown I stand up for what I want in my life I am intentional, I am focused, I am disciplined I believe in myself and my capabilities I am no longer self-sabotaging my way through life I say yes to the opportunities that will give me what I ultimately want I have given myself permission to play a much, much bigger game in life

And, as I mentioned, I have the results to show for it.

It really is THAT simple. (Hand slapping forehead.)

Now, I do realize that this was all about me, and I’m sorry about that. Really though, this is about you.

If you could meet the thousands of entrepreneurs I’ve guided through my Mindset Retreat process over the last 7 years, you would be absolutely inspired. It is a miraculous process, and it works in just 3 days.

And the results are… staggering, beautiful, astonishing. Worthy of allowing you to feel so inspired by your own possibility that your eyes could get welled up in tears.

Breathe this in.

It is an incredibly humbling moment to realize that you were meant for so much more and that there’s actually nothing that can stop you.

There is no secret, though. The only way I’ve found to get new results that astonish you and all others is to say yes to a process that gets you out of your own way and make a decision to upgrade your mindset today.

That’s it.

And I can help you. I really want to help you.

Which is why I’m writing you today.

You probably know that today is the very last day to save hundreds of dollars on my three-day Mindset Retreat™ (more than half off the regular tuition).

2014-09-29 Fabienne 00944These 3 days in October, right ON the beach, in Florida, are all about shifting your “inner game” (i.e. psychology of success) so you completely transform your “outer game” (i.e. results, income, etc.)

Truly, it’s a miraculous process. You can see results and get that half off tuition here.

I’m lovingly asking you to consider making this commitment to yourself today because after today, the tuition goes up for good.

It’s your time.

No more self-sabotage, OK?

This will likely be just the miracle you’ve been asking for…

Thank you for allowing me to believe in you. Thank you for allowing me to take a stand for you.

Love you, Fabienne

P.S. Um, this could be awkward, but I just thought about something… Maybe you know someone you want to take a stand for too, someone who you lovingly want to point in the direction of the Mindset Retreat™, because (ahem) they could use some new results too. If so, here’s my idea: email them this blog post with a note at the top that says, “Let’s do this together, OK? I believe in you.” They can take a look at all the details and you can both register here. That makes you a really good friend ;)

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  1. This is such a GREAT informational writing!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH Fabienne for being the kind of leader and teacher that TELLS it like it is and SHOWS us all how to conquer our fear, our doubt and how to QUIT self-sabotaging ourselves and our futures!! You are such a UNIQUE GIFT to this world and I am ever so GRATEFUL and THANKFUL for you!!!!!!! (and your fabulous hubby Derek too) :) You both shine so that we all can shine and I am in awe of your love and your light you give this world!! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!! with deep love and many blessings, Kellie :) PS. I can’t wait to attend my 3rd MINDSET RETREAT!!!!!!!!! woo hoo!!! It is life changing and soooooooooooo MAGICAL!! i love it and I’m so excited about all I will learn there!! :)

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