My best hack for reaching that goal of yours

I want to share one of my best hacks with you in today’s video. 

So, for the record, I don’t reach every goal that I set…but I reach most goals that I set. 

And yet, I look around, and I’m not sure that many people can say that. 

It’s not that I’m any better. I’m in the same boat as you, but I figured out a way to reach my goals more often than most people.

How? I have broken the goal down into a daily action. 

I have a set of daily micro-actions that I take when it comes to a goal. 

It’s like that Japanese saying: “kaizen”: little improvements, every day.

That helps me reach my goals. Watch now to hear more about how I use this philosophy in my business (and life!): 

Every morning, right after I’ve talked to my accountability partner (which is what the members of the Boldheart Business programs do every single day – talk to a person who holds them accountable), I go to my list of five or six micro-actions.

These are things that I do every single day, that seem like they’re not a big deal, but they move me forward towards that big goal

And where most people are working on these big projects (I too have big projects to work on!), they forget about the kaizen, the little, tiny steps that get you closer to where you want to go, even if they don’t seem like a big deal

And so, today I’m just dropping in to see if you can come up with some micro-things to work on every single day that will help you… 

…get more clients, 
…make more money,
…scale your business,
…increase your impact and influence,
…and really create the life that you want.

If you can’t think of any, perhaps we can help.

That’s my inspiration for you for today. Go for it!

Lots of love. xo

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