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More Qualified Leads, Less Work for You (in 7 steps)

I just received a question from a woman who needs help with her business. She says, “Fabienne, I’m struggling. I have a book and an online program, but I’m not making any sales. My social media following isn’t growing, and my income isn’t either. What should I do?

Well, the answer lies in your observation of LIFE itself.

You see, everything that grows is something that you feed.

=> If you want a child to grow, you feed the child.
=> If you want a plant to grow, you water the plant.
=> And if you want a fire to roar, you put logs on the fire.
=> The same goes for your business.

If you write a book and just let it sit there, it’s not going to sell itself. If you create an online program and don’t promote it continually, it’s not going to fill up. And the same goes for your income. That’s just the fact of being in business…you need to put logs on the fire for it to roar, despite how we wish it were different.

So my question for you, is this: are you continually feeding the fire in your marketing?

Marketing is not something you do once and forget about. It’s something that must be done continually to you end up being on “surround sound” in your ideal clients’ lives.

In our signature program, I teach our members how to leverage their marketing so that they appear “omnipresent” to their prospects, increasing the visibility of their content by 2x to 10x, without working more than they’re working now, yet generating a lot more qualified leads.

Here’s the bird’s eye view step-by-step process on how we use “omnipresent” and leveraged marketing to generate qualified leads for your business, while you work less:

  1. Create valuable content in a batched manner to appeal your ideal client’s struggles and aspirations
  2. Hand off the content to your team so they take your content and share it in an automated, evergreen way, to generate highly qualified leads in perpetuity, without you having to do any of it
  3. Reuse and recycle the original content into many different formats for all platforms, so you seem to be everywhere, while all you did was create the original content
  4. All content leads to other highly valuable micro-commitments that add increasing value in your brand and creates trust in you
  5. Showcase social proof that your service or offerings work and changes the lives of your ideal clients on a daily basis, inspiring more trust
  6. Offer an invitation to connect and make yourself available for a transformative conversation (like this)
  7. Repeat the process every few months to replace the time-consuming marketing you used to do daily.

This concept of omnipresent marketing is the advanced Leverage approach that has you, the business owner, DO LESS, BETTER:

=> More qualified leads and sales conversations
=> Better, more systematized and predictable results from your marketing efforts
=> Increased growth and revenues (this is what gets you to 7-figures)
=> All while you work less than you’re working now.

The key here is to commit to the idea that you are not a passive business owner who just sits there waiting for sales to come. That approach will never work, unless you have 20 years in front of you and you’re independently wealthy.

But, it also doesn’t mean that you have to work your fingers to the bone to generate leads. No, all that can be leveraged.

When you bring that mindset into your business, you can scale your business to ten times the clients and customers you have now, and ten times the freedom you have now. It’s about your process, not you, dear friend.

Is this something that you think you would benefit from implementing fully in your own business, FEEDING your marketing systems so they FEED you ideal clients continually?
Would it be useful to be given the detailed systems that would generate more sales?

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