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Mindset Coaching turns « impossible » into « easy »

I want to talk to you today about the power of mindset coaching in your business.

I was talking to a woman the other day in a conference that I was doing. When I talked to her about her big goals and what’s possible for her, she just kind of looked to the side and admitted, 

If I’m being honest with you, Fabienne, I don’t actually see that, what you’re describing, as a possibility for myself.” 

Her words stunned me. 

We often talk about strategies and mindsets to achieve big, new results, but here was someone who couldn’t see her own potential or think she could accomplish big things in her business

It made me realize how crucial it is to remind ourselves of our past achievements, especially when facing self-doubt. 

Often, we focus on what we haven’t accomplished, overshadowing all the significant milestones we’ve reached and the fact that what is lightwork to us now, once seemed completely impossible.

Watch this video to learn about the importance of mindset coaching:

This conversation with a client brings me to a simple yet powerful exercise I shared with her, one that I believe can help you too – an act of acknowledging your numerous achievements to remind yourself that what was once impossible can now be easy.

With a little mindset coaching, I wanted to remind her of all the great things she has accomplished. 

Here’s how we did it, and how you can do it too.

Listing your accomplishments to empower your self-belief

I asked her to list all the things she had overcome in her life, starting from childhood. It’s a method to reconnect with your inner achiever, the part of you that has conquered numerous challenges and turned the impossible effortless.

I’ll give you an example I told her. My father taught me to write my name when I was around four or five. He used a yellow highlighter to write “Fabienne” and then gave me a sharpie to trace over it. 

Now, at that moment, before he showed me how to do that, I never thought that I could write my name at age four or five. But with his guidance, I was able to do it. It’s a simple memory, but a powerful reminder that what once seemed impossible is now second nature.

Another example from my childhood was learning to ride a bike without training wheels. My father decided it was time for the training wheels to come off, but I was terrified. I didn’t think I had what it took. Yet, with his support, I was soon speeding down the lane without any assistance. What seemed impossible became a triumphant reality.

Do you see what I mean? 

It might seem silly to reflect on moments that are now so far in the past that you might consider them insignificant – but that’s the beauty of this. These tasks that, at the time, felt infeasible, are now second nature to you.

I’d like you to apply this mindset coaching tool to your own experiences and challenges you’ve overcome – both in your business and in your life.

Maybe it’s the time you tied your shoelaces for the first time, aced a test, or just accomplished any task that once felt out of reach.

Even better, maybe it’s that first client you got or the first project you were able to finish that once felt challenging. 

Each one is a testament to your ability to overcome and succeed and a reminder that what once felt impossible has the potential to eventually feel easy.

The importance of mindset coaching

So, as you think about growing your business, or as you think about creating something absolutely divine in your life and that would make you so happy, imagine that you no longer have the thought of it being impossible – because you’ve made your own list of all of the things that were once impossible and are now easy. 

This mindset shift is transformative. By recognizing your past triumphs, you build the confidence to tackle current challenges.

And from that vantage point, looking at that list, you can now think about your goal and say to yourself, “You know what? There is always a way. I may not see it right now, but there is always a possibility of me reaching the goal that I once thought was impossible.” 

I want you to remember that you can have all the strategy in your business approaches, but if your mindset is not aligned with your goals, your efforts are limited by these subconscious beliefs. Growth and success in your life come from leveraging what you’ve already accomplished, and you empower yourself to overcome obstacles by maintaining this mindset.

I urge you to make the list and try this. You’ve done the impossible before, and you can certainly do it again. Harness the power of mindset coaching in your business.

Empowering your path to greatness,

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