Andrew was successful and exhausted (but no more!)

If you are burning your candle at both ends as a solo-entrepreneur, you’re not alone, and I believe today’s video will really inspire you.

A challenge to finally achieving “success” in your business can often typically lead you to a state of having way too much work and way too little time.

That was the case for our beloved member Andrew when he came to us.

His business was doing well. He had a great reputation, and he was charging the rates to match.

But he was tired. I mean……SO……TIRED.

The way his marketing and business model were set up, the business was all about HIM. And none of his clients were interested in working with someone other than HIM.

Watch this to see what happened next and be totally inspired by his transformation. Get ready for some epic truth telling and some laughs. Andrew tells it like it is! Then, start imagining yourself with his new results in your own business:

Sure, his business was at six figures, but there was literally no way for him to grow and multiply his business any further, because there was no more time or more of him to go around. 

I know deep in my heart that what got you here won’t get you there.

Yes, the skills required to fill a practice and get you to 10K per month when you’re just starting out are vital (we teach this in our Growth Track).

But after a certain point, it’s NOT more clients you need!

No, that would cause overwhelm, and for some people (like Andrew), an implosion in their business.

At a certain time, to grow even further, you’ve simply got to switch gears and remove you from the day-to-day of your business (that’s what we teach in our Leverage Track).

Because continuing to do the things that continue to fill your practice is a recipe for exhaustion and creating your very own glass ceiling. Just as Andrew experienced, you can only charge so much and there are only so many hours in the day.

The way out?

Systems, a Team, a vastly different Business Model, along with a shift in Mindset so you get out of the day-to-day operations of your business and gain your life back.

(Listen, even Andrew, the most organized man in America, came to us for systems! That’s got to say something.)

You heard him share this in the video. It’s no longer about him cleaning people’s closets himself. Andrew is building an organizing movement and he couldn’t do it when he was stuck underneath his to do list and the feeling that he was alone in his business.

So, sweet friend, where are YOU in your business? 

Are you tired of being tired, doing more of what got you to where you are, frustrated that you’re not breaking through to the next level?

If it’s feeling too confusing or too painful to continue on your own, we are here to help.

Reaching that first six figures (8-10K a month, consistently) is actually pretty simple. We do this with our eyes closed. So, if you need help getting there, let’s set up a time to talk about getting you to 10K a month.

And if you’re past that and are curious about what it will take for you to reach that next level, to reach multiple 6 figures (50K a month) or even 7 figures (100K a month), let’s talk about implementing systems. Let’s also discuss what it will take for you to delegate even more to a brilliant team and remove you from the day-to-day with a new business model that doesn’t require you as much, so you create a bigger impact and gain your life back. If that’s you, let’s chat about the Leverage Track here.

(That’s the one Andrew got results in.)

Either way, let’s talk. You can’t keep doing things the old way and expect different results.

Click here now so we can book a time to chat.

It’s your time, it’s your year,

P.S. We’ve got the step-by-step strategy you need, the implementation incubator you crave (so you get it done the right way the first time), with the accountability (and support) that will get you to finish what you start, consistently.

If you’ve got some clients (making 2K a month or more) and you’re ready to grow, let’s talk about the steps you can take to easily take your business and income to 8-10K a month consistently, or to 50K or 100K+ per month. It’s truly possible.

Click here now to book a free strategy session so we can discuss your situation and create a plan.

You don’t need to do this alone. We’ve got your back and we’ll take you where you want to go.

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