Meet my cousin John

Today I’m sharing some behind the scenes awesomeness (and tough love) from one of our Growth Track meetings…directed at my cousin John who enrolled last year.

If you’re not familiar, the Growth Track is the foundational program in The Client Attraction Business School for entrepreneurs who are building toward their first six figures (and for those already at six figures and beyond who wish to build a stronger marketing foundation).

It’s focused on everything you need to generate revenues in your business, so there’s a BIG focus on doing the activities that bring in cash.

And successful entrepreneurship is NOT convenient.

Now as you’ll see in today’s video, in just 5 minutes, I help John “turn up the volume” on his Client Attraction efforts (he didn’t quite get what I meant at first, which was kinda funny…you’ll see why). Watch it now:

As you can see from this week’s sneak peek video into what we do, if you want to move up to another level in business, you’ve got to go beyond only doing things that are convenient.

It’s a rite of passage.

Whether it’s networking, speaking, your online marketing efforts, sales skills…whatever the thing is that you’re focused on to grow your business…

You have to go beyond what is convenient, comfortable and competent, and achieve excellence if you want to succeed.

Cheap, fast and easy are not going to get you results.

Doing what you know (unless you’ve been a successful entrepreneur before…) is not going to get you results.

Whether it’s this community or another, it is vital that you put yourself in an environment that will teach you what you don’t know to get to the next level of success…

And almost more importantly…doesn’t teach you what you don’t need to know.

(That is what I call “Bright Shiny Object Syndrome” and it doesn’t get you any closer to your goal.)

I believe that we have the best education platform for entrepreneurs on the planet. There…I said it. I believe this because I’ve seen thousands of entrepreneurs come through our school and have results.

They’ve done what is inconvenient. They’ve broken through their limits, learned new skills and created success.

If you are ready to do this, too…to do whatever it takes, to stretch yourself, learn new skills, be accountable to a community and to engage with this level of tough love and “no matter what-ness”…

I invite you to explore the potential of what The Client Attraction Business School can do for you by applying for a conversation with one of our experienced coaches today.

As I share in the video, successful entrepreneurship will never be convenient. If it was, everybody would be doing it.

You must be willing to do the things that others are not willing to do if you want to win this game.

That’s enough tough love for today <3

Sending hugs,

p.s. A little background on the mic thing…I always teach my students to raise or lower the mic to their level. It’s actually a representation of our personal worth, because it allows us to stand tall. Thus the “turn up the volume joke.” I didn’t want you to not get it ;) Most importantly I hope that you see how our students support each other in this community. We’d love to have you join us…apply today.

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