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Masterful people get paid (a lot) more

Hope you had a lovely (and productive) week. 🙂

OK, today, we’re going to talk about all the things you’re good at, and, all the things you’re not good at.

Let’s be really honest.

No one I know is perfect at everything.

It’s impossible. We all have things that – how shall we say – aren’t our favorites.

And we all have at least one area where we know we can improve, where we’re not doing our best.

Maybe you’re a high idea generator, meaning, you’re really good at coming up with lots of brilliant ideas and starting new things, but…truth be told, you often don’t finish them. 

Or perhaps you’re someone who’s really great at making connections with people, but there’s a stack of business cards you haven’t followed up on (even though you meant to) and probably never will. 

What I’m trying to illustrate here is that you’re great at many things, but there is also a flip side to those strengths.

The bigger the front, the bigger the back, as I like to say.

Today I want to talk about not trying to improve the parts you’re not good at.

Wait, what??

Yes, I’m asking you NOT to get “good” at the things you’re “bad” at.

You see, conventional wisdom tells us that we should try to improve the things we aren’t masterful at.

I say, WRONG.

Ignore those things and instead, turn your attention to further mastering the things you ARE already great at. 

You see, even if you spend a lifetime getting good at things you are only competent at (or worse, totally incompetent at), you’ll never be good at them.

How do I know this? We have all of our members of Boldheart Business take a series of assessments to illuminate their strengths and their best ways of operating in the world.

And then they capitalize on this, fully.

If you’re masterful at schmoozing, wooing and making connections, but not at following up, then let someone else follow up on them, OR, create an automated system to make sure it happens without you being the one to generate the follow up.

If you’re great at coming up with brilliant ideas but not at seeing them through all the way to the end, get someone else (who IS brilliant at seeing things through to the end) to do it for you.

And while they do that, focus on self mastery.

Masterful people

Love yourself enough to focus on just getting better and better at the things you are already great at. And drop the judgment about the other stuff, OK?

Because Masterful People get paid (a lot) more than mediocre ones or those who are constantly trying to get better at things they’ll never be good at. 

Love yourself as you are, knowing the Universe made you who you are on purpose, for a purpose, with a purpose, and it’s time you embrace that.

There has never, in millions of years, been anyone exactly like you.
There is no one now exactly like you.
There will never be anyone, ever, exactly like you.

Master Yourself… That’s the only way to go really far in anything you do.

Until next time,

Masterful people

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