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Marketing a better mousetrap isn’t as much fun

Today, I’m sharing a mindset shift that was incredibly powerful for many of my Leverage Year 2 Boldheart Business members a few weeks ago.

(In my business teachings, we always start with Mindset, before going to the tactical or “exactly how to.” Why? Because without working on your belief systems and fears – yes, even as it relates to your business – you’d procrastinate or just not do the work. As you’ve done.)

So, the topic I brought up immediately created resistance with a few people (and one even shed a few tears) but a day and a half later, they were all skipping out of the room, so ready to multiply their businesses by totally leveraging their existing marketing.

Wait, why would someone cry about marketing??

Well, it’s because we went DEEP.

Here’s where we started:

You say you’re a marketing or executive coach, a media training consultant, or a professional organizer. Or maybe you say you’re an event planner, web designer or branding specialist…or a health counselor, or…or… But here’s the truth.

You’re not actually any of those things… At least, not FIRST.

(Not, that is, if you want to have a very successful business being said coach, consultant, professional organizer, event planner, web designer, branding specialist, health counselor, etc.)

If you want to be successful, you must embrace the fact that you are a marketer FIRST.


Do you cringe when I say that? Good. 🙂

Because as you initially deny this and let the resistance come up, it allows you to examine your beliefs about what marketing is and what it says about you when I ask you to say…

“I’m a marketer first, and a __________ second.”

You are a marketer that provides insurance
You are a marketer that consults
You are a marketer that coaches
You are a marketer that provides financial services
You are a marketer that provides nutritional advice
You are a marketer that cooks
You are a marketer who teaches people how to make their home beautiful
You are a marketer that helps people with their taxes

Without learning to boldly embrace your role of chief marketing guru, the truth is that you won’t get to be a successful (whatever you are).

As a business owner, it is vital that you embrace marketing as your number one priority.

And dare I say it, that you learn to view marketing as an expression of deep service and love. Marketing isn’t a nice-to-have when you’re a business owner. It’s a must-have.

So let’s get it all out on the table, shall we?

Yes, admittedly, society is to blame for the feelings you may have about marketing and being seen as a marketer.


Today, I’m asking you to take out a pen and write down how you really feel about marketing. Be willing to go deeper than the “stuff you’ve learned” or the “things Fabienne would want me to say.”

Let’s get real, OK?

How do you feel about marketing, both on the DOING side of the equation, and on the RECEIVING end? What are your beliefs? See if you can write down ten.

And then get curious.

Ask yourself:

“Why do I feel this way?”
“Is this true about me?”
“Would I be willing to take on a new belief in order to create new outcomes?”
“Can I be the representation of a marketer who does everything with authenticity, integrity and love, for the highest good of all?”

Because you can. I do.


Marketing can be a divine tool, when you do it with authenticity, integrity and love…

and when you commit to boldly taking a stand for all those who desperately need to work with you, but don’t know you exist yet.

And when you’re willing to shift your energy around this marketing “thing” and prioritize it, schedule it on a daily basis, systematize it and become a professional at it…it will change your life.

And the lives of countless people who are (spiritually) contracted to work with you.

Now, get out there and market thyself, boldly, with authenticity, integrity and love, OK?

You are indeed a marketer, first,

P.S. Not sure if you saw my Facebook Live segment from the Parisian market near my apartment last Saturday (click here if you didn’t). It was super windy but fun. I’m on my way to spend a week in Barcelona with my family tomorrow. Just a heads up that I’ll probably be doing another one from Spain, just for fun. Join me if you can. xoxo

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