Market from your heart, not your head

Today I’m going to talk about something that’s vital for you to understand as a business owner (and therefore marketer): when you do marketing activities or post marketing messages online that feel like love to that person that you’re targeting, those people will want to follow you.
They will want to consume your marketing messages. They will want to just show up at whatever you’re doing, even though they know it’s marketing, even though they know that you’re selling something…because they feel the energy of love in all that you do. 

Here’s a great example of what I mean:

Do you feel the emotion there? 

I feel it deeply, being a mom. I get that it’s for diapers and toothpaste and laundry detergent. It is marketing. They are selling those things, but there is love in there. I don’t know about you, but when I watch that ad, I feel validated as a mom. Even though I’m not getting my kids to the Olympics, it makes me feel loved.

And maybe you too?

My understanding of the importance of loving my clients with my marketing really shifted for me when a friend said to me, “I know the difference about you Fabienne. I know why people follow you and consume your marketing. You market from your heart chakra.”
Whether that’s true or not (or if that’s too woo for you, just think of ‘heart chakra’ as ‘heart space’ or emotional center), it really made me ask, “How can we all begin to market from our heart space?” 

How could you market more from your heart space, as opposed to your head space? 

What I have come to realize and to do in my own marketing, is that your entire marketing plan can be a love letter to your ideal clients. Let’s give that a try.

Write a love letter to your ideal clients

Part of being a very effective, integrous marketer (that loves to market) is falling in love with your ideal client profile. The more you can connect with them heart to heart, the more they will be attracted to your marketing and the more you can leverage it.

(In a recent post, I shared another powerful video that spoke with love to its audience. You may want to visit that post and ask yourself the questions about your “Why” and how you’d like to impact your clients, specifically.)

I hope you’ll go to that post and watch the farmer video, because it’s really powerful to keep in mind, along with the mom video above and the idea of marketing from your heart center. 

Then, pull out your journal and answer the following questions, using them to simply start writing your love letter. You can even give your ideal client (or avatar) a name, to make it more personal. 
=> Who do you want to be a hero to, and how do you want them to feel when you market to them?

=> If you were to write them a love letter, what would you say?

I find it best to write this by hand, and maybe update it later to type out, keeping it close by to remind you not only who you’re talking to but how you want to help them. 

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