Marietta doubled her revenues in one year (so could you)

Is it really, truly possible to grow your income 100% in one year, especially a bonkers year like the one we are in?? Well, YES. Read on or just click on the video below:

OK, so let’s get real. As entrepreneurs, we’re pretty independent…we seek freedom above many other things and we don’t want too much structure or to have to be accountable to others. Problem is, working in isolation, we find that we are often unable to finish things we start, despite our best intentions. And, it can get a little lonely too, which can make us doubt ourselves. Yes? 

Marietta found this to be true for her too, and when she accepted our help (again) she raised her rates by almost 50% and her revenue is over 100% what it was last year. Watch now to hear about a 100% return on her investment.

Marietta’s business? She works to help entrepreneurs convert their businesses to a franchise model. She’s good at helping other people scale, but, you know the old axiom about cobblers’ children not having shoes, she didn’t fully see how she was going to scale her own business.

Marietta did join us in Boldheart Business and spent a couple of years working with us to get more clients and make 10K a month. She fell in love with our community of other heart-centered entrepreneurs, made great improvements in her business, and then…

…she decided, “I got this. I’ll do the rest on my own, thanks!”

After some time on her own, she realized it just wasn’t easy to hold herself accountable, and she wasn’t implementing or growing in her business on her own the way she had with our systems, accountability and focus on implementation. She also deeply missed her Boldheart Community.

Marietta was constantly telling people to join us in the program and how much it had worked for her, and one day after eagerly telling someone else to join us, she wondered why she wasn’t in the program. There were definitely things missing in her life, as she shared with me below. 

Luckily, she realized what she needed and returned to Boldheart – and, lo and behold, she increased her revenues (again!) by 100% in the following year. During a pandemic. 

What was the difference between working on her own and plugging back into Boldheart? Here’s what Marietta shared with me during a recent conversation:

“Listen, I need community. It’s pretty lonely being an entrepreneur. 

If I got two or three proposals a year, that was great, but I really didn’t see how I could scale it. I’m in the business of scaling – that’s my business. My best friends are my Boldheart friends. They’re the people I really love, and for me, it was community. I call that the unexpected gift of Boldheart. 

I also needed structure – like, “What do I do? “How do I do this?” I may not have watched all the modules, but I show up and I get my needs met and that’s the most important part for me.”

I asked Marietta about what happened after she grew her business in the Growth Track:

“I took a little break. I thought I had things I needed to do and I wasn’t quite sure I was ready to get into Leverage, I was probably a little bit afraid. There was definitely resistance around that, because I was doing okay, but I guess it was easy to talk myself out of it then.

I certainly didn’t get ahead. I didn’t do all the things that I thought I was going to be doing on my own. I maintained.”

Here’s what happened for her after coming back to Boldheart, when she said to herself, “You know what? This isn’t working on my own.”:

“It was that divine timing.

Something shifted just by saying ‘Yes’ and stepping in. The sales started coming. Here we are, it’s a tumultuous time, but my sales and my business have never been stronger

I have never had a more profitable year with the least amount of stress, more ease, joy. I just kind of show up. I’ve raised my rates several times, almost by 50%. My business revenue is well over 100% more than what it was a year ago.”

Wow. Wow, wow. So, when Marietta first came into Boldheart, in a couple of years she got to 10K a month on and off, then decided, “I’m going to take a break and I’m going to implement on my own and I’ll come back if I need to.” 

She didn’t implement on her own, so she came back, showed up, got help, and increased her revenue by 100%. During a pandemic. In just one year!

“The resistance is real, I get it. I definitely had those moments of being uncomfortable around the decision when I first made it. But I also knew that’s part of the breakdown before the breakthrough, it’s part of the process. I just relaxed into it and I was ready to receive.

Perhaps you too may be feeling alone, sweet friend, but are afraid of making the investment. You read these success stories from real people just like you every week, but you remain on the fence, or maybe you left and weren’t able to do it on your own (and feel a little embarrassed)? Here’s what Marietta wants to share with you:

“The resistance is real, I get it. I definitely had those moments of being uncomfortable around the decision when I first made it. But I also knew that’s part of the breakdown before the breakthrough, it’s part of the process. I just relaxed into it and I was ready to receive.

Bet on you, bet on your own results and you doing the work and come on back. Seriously, we’re here waiting for you. We can’t wait to see you again and welcome you back home.

The other part of it is, why are you delaying the results? That’s what I asked myself. How long do you want to wait? Want to wait another year? Why would you do that? Why wouldn’t you just do it now and do it? 

I get it, it’s going to be maybe a little scary but it’ll be worth it… At first it was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve got to make that payment every month.’ But it’s like nothing now. 

It’s a pretty darn good return!”

100% return. A 100% increase is really, really good. Don’t you wish everything you invested in was like that?

And now, it’s your turn, dear one.

Yes, it’s your turn to take the first step to chat with us for free, just to explore the idea. 

Yes, it’s been a crazy year. 
Yes, you may want to try doing it on your own (although that hasn’t worked).
Yes, at first it sounds like it’s easy or “smarter” to wait to invest in yourself.
Thing is, big moves in your income and results only come in when you start to do things differently.

Get some guidance, some accountability, and a group to do it with. Let’s talk about what that would look like. Reach out to me here to book a call. 

Make the right decision to join us (or come back). 

We are all waiting for you, with open arms. 

Go ahead, reach out and set up a free exploratory session, ok?

We’re waiting for you,


P.S. If you’ve been following me for two weeks, two months, two years or 12 years, and you’ve come up with every excuse and every rule and every fear and every belief to talk yourself out of joining us… 

…I want to remind you that you could be making bucket loads of money and creating a big impact. Yes, right now.  

We are here to help, all you have to do is book that free strategy call here.

Talk soon. xo

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