Making the most of each moment!

Making the most of each moment! That’s what my theme for the summer has been, and the kids seem to be doing the same. I’d never heard of ‘Paper Plate Awards’ before this week, and it was fun to see specifically how my kids were being celebrated for their uniqueness, in fact I learned something new about both of them. My son received the “Singing Sensation” award for constantly singing “I like to move it, move it” and my daughter won “The Wonderball Woman” award, for winning every time she plays Wonderball. Who knew!? (Notice my little Oliver in the middle, wondering what’s going on. Too cute!)

The last stop on my national “Millionaire Entrepreneur Mindset Secrets Tour” was yesterday in Atlanta, and let me tell you, it was an absolutely amazing night, a HUGE success. People drove in from North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and further, took the train from Washington, road tripped with friends and flew in from all corners of the country for it. And they all left with breakthroughs, the tools and inspiration to play a much bigger game in their business. THANK YOU Atlanta, for making me feel so welcomed, and mostly for making the commitment to step up your Mindset with me to make a meaningful difference in the world, and get handsomely rewarded for adding so much more value to your clients. And for those who made a commitment to no longer wake up in the morning to be mediocre, I can’t wait to see you at my Mindset Retreat in Miami this September! Woohooo!

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