Making crab cakes and individual molten chocolate cakes with my Platinum Mastermind clients this week

We had a total blast last week with my MM6 Platinum level clients. Not only did they have huge breakthroughs in their businesses, they’ve implemented soooo much since we last met. Each and everyone had a long list of things to celebrate, and we clapped and “woohoooed” like crazy. Here are a couple of highlights: One client made $18,497 just last week (this used to be her yearly income); another client made $118K so far this year (his first year in this business), another crossed the 6-figure mark for the first time in many years being self-employed and will double that in the next 8 months; another signed on 8 new high-paying clients and got several speaking gigs; another finished her book while signing on 6 new clients and building an association, etc. I could go on and on about how proud I am of all of their accomplishments in just the last couple of months!

A special mention goes to Karen Fagan, Platinum Mastermind client and winner of my big ‘Implementation Challenge’. She’d set the intention at our first meeting in June that she was going to win the challenge and did she ever! When the votes came in and she heard her name being called as the winner, she screamed with joy and literally ran over to give me a big hug. Congratulations, Karen! You can see all the pictures from our super fun cooking class celebration outing (including dancing!) on my Facebook page. Enjoy!

Oh, I also quickly want to ask a favor. Do you know someone who lives in Connecticut (or is willing to relocate) who might want to work with us full time and IN PERSON as a customer service representative? He/she must be familiar with Client Attraction and have 5+ years of experience in outstanding client care. If you know of someone (please, not virtual), ask them to send a letter and resume to Thanks!

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