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Make sure you love it (or stop doing it!)

Listen, I’ve seen it happen so many times…

…women who stop loving their businesses. 

…women who sometimes even grow to actively hate their business because it is not aligned with their passions OR it isn’t making the money they need to make…

…but who refuse to give it up for one reason or another.

Today, I have a sad story to tell you that will make you think twice and ask yourself whether you’re truly in love with your business. My hope is that it inspires you to do only what you love

Here’s my inspiration for you:

A few years ago, a wonderful, wonderful woman, let’s call her “Jane”, started working with us. And when I asked her, “What specifically made you want to join the program?” she said…

“I’ve been working at this one business for five years and it’s killing me.” 

And so I asked her, “Why do you work at this business if you don’t like it?” 

And she responded, “I’m determined to make this business work. I bought it, I spent a lot of money on it, and I’m determined to make it work before I move on to doing the thing I really, really want to do.” 

My response was, “Well that doesn’t really make sense to me. It sounds like you have a rule around trying to prove something to somebody around making that business successful.” 

She agreed, but she had a fixed mindset and was determined to make her current business successful BEFORE starting something new, something she loved.

So she continued with it, and it was drudgery. She just kept pushing that boulder up the mountain, and she deeply hated that business. 

And the sad part is that she ended up getting fatally ill. 

We loved her and we watched her get sicker and sicker until one day, it was over. 

It was a very real awakening for many of us. 

Along with the realization that, when you hate a particular business, it can be really difficult to make it grow. That’s because there’s a part of your mindset that doesn’t actually WANT it to grow. So you sabotage your efforts. 

This story makes me think of all the people who are trying to prove something to somebody.

As if someone else’s approval (external value) is more important than your sanity and self-worth (internal value).

And I want to tell you, if that’s you…

…please stop doing that. 

This isn’t the way to go about life. 

When I was reading Russell Simmons’ book, Super Rich, he said that one of the things that really got him successful is that he loved, loved, loved the work that he did. He loved it so much, he could do it for free. 

And that’s why he was able to put all of his attention, passion, and extra hours on evenings and weekends to make his business what it became. 

And I want to say this to you…

If you are currently pushing the boulder up the hill doing something you don’t love, I want to give you permission to start thinking differently about what you could do to finally start loving what you do. 

Would you consider blending in the thing-that-you-love into the thing-that-you-have-now? 

The key here is that if you’re going to work hard anyway, you might as well work on something that you love, because at the end of it, you won’t just have success, you’ll have happiness. 

And happiness will make you more wealthy than just money. 

And so, that’s my inspiration for you for today. 

Really start thinking about your happiness, fulfillment, and meaning in your life. That way you’ll stay healthy and happy while you make good money, okay? 

Sending you so much love.

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