Magic is waiting for you outside your comfort zone

Greetings from Manhattan!

I’m hanging out with some truly amazing entrepreneurs today on my Mindset Tour, sharing exactly what it takes to get out of one’s rut and play bigger.

Listen, I meet people all the time who have been stuck at the same level for a while, business growth-wise, and especially financially.

It’s normal, but it can be fixed very quickly.

In fact, just recently, a woman came up to me after an event, gave me a big hug and asked:

“Tell me the truth, Fabienne… Why is it that I’ve been stuck at the same plateau in my business for several years? I do well but I’m not moving up. Why is this happening?”
I told her something in confidence that created a breakthrough for her on the spot, and I think you might benefit from hearing it too.

So, I made this week’s new 3-minute video to share this concept with you too.

Don’t beat yourself up…

You may feel like you’re in a similar place but just know it’s totally normal…

So many entrepreneurs find themselves plateauing in business at some point. (I have too, no big deal. It’s to be expected.)

This is why it’s important for you to hear what’s necessary to get past it.

At the end of the video, I ask two important questions… Please share your answers with me in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and watching, as always.

I believe in you and your next level.


P.S. Please share this with people you know could benefit from a little forward motion, OK? ;)

P.P.S. Hey, in case you’re curious, here’s a little more about what I’m up to today in Manhattan… I’m touring the country for my (free) Millionaire Entrepreneur Mindset Secrets Tour! I’m teaching people how to get out of their own way (big time) and how to create big mindset shifts in their business. I’ll be in a few more cities this summer and would love to give you a big hug. Tickets are free. Click here if you’d like to meet me there. :)


You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

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  1. Love it! I’ve been stretching myself more and more and calling and going out face to face with clear intentions. Can’t wait to see what is manifested in the next week/month/90 days/year. I am not letting up. Over it and tired of being stuck. exploding!!!

  2. Thanks Fabienne. I realized that some of my patients don’t implement what I ask them. I think I am “enabling” their comfort zone. Their lives depend on making subtle small shifts but fear holds them back. I am going to follow your example and stretch them into a higher standard to take a baby step outside their comfort zone and pretend while they go through that wall of fear, that they cannot fail. We teach what we need to learn, so I will be doing the same.

  3. Thanks for this video Fabienne. A timely reminder, I notice that I’m often ‘held back’ by my comfort zone but really grow when I can get outside it.

  4. I’ve been playing it small by not getting out there speaking or through social media like I need to. When I start playing outside my comfort zone, I allow myself to shine so others can find me, and I receive more clients. Knowing I couldn’t fail, I’d attempt to speak and travel all over this beautiful planet, inspiring positive transformations!

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