Magic happens when it stops being about money

OK, I get it.

What I am about to share with you in today’s inspiring video might seem totally counterintuitive.

Hint: growing a business cannot be about the money.

Yes, my focus here at Boldheart Business is to give you the recipe that will make you 10k a month consistently, then to scale it to multiple 6 figures (and eventually a million), without sacrificing your life.

But the way to grow that business is actually NOT to think about the money, but to focus on something entirely different.

This concept had a huge impact on the 400 people at my Mindset Retreat last week in Atlanta, and I believe it will have the same impact on you.

Watch this:

You see, it’s not about the money – it’s about the impact.

When we make it about the money, we fall into a competitive mindset. Energetically speaking, we actually slow down the growth of the business. That’s when we start doing business in a very masculine way, not connected to our soul, and we “white knuckle it” so business becomes effort.

Instead, when we focus on creating a lasting impact, on changing lives, on making the world a better place through the simple act of our life…things become so much easier.

And ironically, when you connect your business to a higher calling, that’s when you experience far greater results, in all of the ways. Yes, money…but also joy, fulfillment, gratitude and impact.

Don’t miss watching this week’s message. I have two book recommendations for you in the video.

I believe we are gathered together in the Boldheart Community to change the world. Each of us has an important role to play in the game of life. There is important work to be done.

We are here to help.

Much love,

P.S. It’s not about the money. It’s about changing lives. What I’ve learned is that business gets so much easier when you shift your focus to “impact.” If you feel inspired to share your thoughts on this with me, I’d love to hear how this landed for you. Write me back.

Or better yet, perhaps you’d like to chat about creating a bigger impact on the world by growing your business. What would that look like?

Let’s find out. Fill out an application to speak with one of our coaches so we can help connect the dots for you. You too can change your focus from making money to changing lives, while still living the rich abundant life you are so worthy of.

Ironically, doing this will get you to 10k a month consistently, and then to multiple 6 figures (and eventually a million, without sacrificing your life), like two more of our Boldheart members announced on the stage at the Mindset Retreat last week. They both have kids, by the way.

I have the recipes for you.

Get into my kitchen and let’s cook together, OK?

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