Lots of laughter and silliness at last week's Platinum Mastermind celebration. High achievers loooove to have fun!

Last week, we hosted the 3rd retreat of the Platinum/Sapphire Mastermind year and WOW, did we witness some amazing breakthroughs and successes in the bragging session! One member increased her revenues by 154% over the previous year, another made $600k, one created and filled an association, another made $750k, one made a million dollars for the first time last year, one wrote and published a coffee table book, and the list of successes and achievements goes on and on! After two days of total immersion in solutions, strategies and BIG thinking for scaling their businesses and multiplying their income, I decided it was time to let loose and really celebrate all their successes! So, we invited everyone to our new home for a Valentine’s themed dessert reception catered by the best catering company in town. Red feather boas, red velvet cupcakes, heart shaped raspberry cookies, chocolate pot-de-creme, cosmopolitans, red wine, laughter and a fiercely competitive (and hysterical) game of Reverse Charades gave us all a chance to just really let go and enjoy. In life, I think it’s important to make time to let your hair down, laugh out loud and let yourself PLAY! There’s no easier time to do this than when you’re surrounded by people who truly “get you.” In my mastermind groups we create an environment where you are loved unconditionally, championed and genuinely supported by fellow entrepreneurs who understand you and appreciate you. Family, friends and neighbors are important people in our lives too – but let’s face it, no one gets you like a fellow entrepreneur! What a fun night we had! (Check out some of the photos posted on Facebook.)]]>

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