Lori increased her revenue 60% in 6 months (so can you)

Quick question to get you dreaming today, sweet friend. 

Imagine for a moment that you were to boost your revenue by 60%, booking eight new clients in the next six months, when you usually only sign up one or two in the whole year

How would that make a difference in your life, specifically? 

Well, it’s possible. In fact, watch this to see how Lori took a leap of faith and did exactly this – even during the pandemic:

In a recent conversation with me, Lori shared how stuck her business was in late 2019 before she joined Boldheart Business.

I was a solopreneur, doing everything completely myself and I built a decent business. I had about 10 clients and was handling that fine, but just felt like I could do more but I didn’t know how to grow my business – what to do to propel myself forward.”

In contrast, Lori is now celebrating what’s happened in her business since joining us: 

It’s taken off. I implemented a marketing strategy and it’s been hugely successful. I’ve been able to find my ideal clients. And they’ve been able to find me. I have eight new clients in six months. I’ve shifted my pricing model, which is helping boost my revenue.”

That’s eight new clients, when Lori used to sign up two new clients a year. That’s a big deal! 

“It is big. And it’s a 60% revenue boost in the past six months.”

Wow – just wow! Lori’s story is a testament to what can happen when you have access to the right support and strategy: anything is possible

I asked her to share what made the most difference for her in the Boldheart program. 

“Learning how to leverage and grow a business was the main thing. But when I got into it, I realized it was really the Boldheart community, you know, so much inspiration from the other women and a few men in the program. So much love and support. So many resources. If you were stuck trying to figure something out, chances are somebody else already did, and will help you figure that same thing out.”

So many of us start our businesses in the extra bedroom or at the kitchen table and it can be really lonely. To be inside this community of people who see us and hear us and who will mastermind weekly with us makes all the difference. 

As much as our families and our friends love us, they often don’t understand what it takes to create and run a successful business. Here’s Lori’s advice for anyone wanting to play a bigger game and is thinking about the Boldheart program…

“Take a leap of faith. There’s so much value in the program. You’re going to find something that helps you, that propels you forward. I’ve seen it with everyone in the program.”

If you want to grow your business and aren’t feeling supported or understood by your family and friends, joining us will give you support and accountability from other heart-centered business owners, as well as the strategy and systems your business needs to grow. 

I want you to know it’s absolutely possible for you. Let’s book a free call so we can hear what’s going on for you and discuss a plan.  

We have been waiting for you,


P.S. You might feel isolated and stuck at the moment, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We are here, waiting to share our best practices and waiting to welcome you into our community. All you have to do is book that free strategy call here.

Talk soon. xo

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