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Living my life like it’s Golden…

Well, my stomach muscles were SORE, still, as I wrote this Friday! Our very first Winners Academy Gold Mastermind Retreat was an over-the-top, AMAZING success! 60 of our Gold members flew in from all around the world to work with us privately this past week for two info-packed and fun-filled days of learning and business-growth, laughing, dancing and supporting each other to multiplying their businesses quickly this year. We showed them how to literally find money–where they thought there was none–in their business, one even signed on a new client within minutes of implementing the suggestions I gave her, with 9 more to go. It was magical.

I surprised them all by inviting Yulia, the famous belly dancer, to join us and teach us how the secrets to mastering belly dancing apply directly to building your business. She danced exotically, while balancing a sword on her head and hips, then taught us all how to do it. Hysterical! The Gold retreat was the perfect balance of learning, laser coaching, Q&A, marketing hot-seats, business building exercises, worksheets and masterminding, along with dancing, laughing, fun, even a session of “the Electric Slide” and a cocktail party. (Derek begged me NOT to show you the picture of him attempting to belly dance on stage with Yulia, with a shimmery sarong around his neck. I agreed, but it was definitely a sight to see. You should have been there!)

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