Like Luc, double down on what is already working

Something happened recently that I had to share with you in today’s new video…

So, I had come out of my 15 year-old son Luc’s room, after he sent me a text that said, “I sold another song!” (He creates beats that he sells to rappers, so that the rappers can create rhymes on top of Luc’s beats. And this was the second sale in two days!)

Of course, I ran to his room and said, “Congratulations!” and he’s super proud of himself. The questions I always ask are “How did you do it?” and “Where did this one come from?” 

He told me the source – this is the second buyer that comes from this source – and what I told him is one of the things that I tell our members all the time. Watch now to hear what I said to him about how to nurture each of your sources:

So what I tell our members in Boldheart Business is to have a whole bunch of techniques set up for your marketing, but when something tends to work a lot, double down on that one… triple down on that one (which is what I just told Luc). 

I advised him to do the same thing, “That source of clients, you have got to triple down on that one!” And he agreed. You should have seen the smile on his face! He “got” it.  

(By the way, last December when Luc didn’t have school and his siblings did, I asked my Team to give him access to year’s worth of the Growth Track classes, which is all about how to market to get clients, how to close the sale, how to start making 10K a month in your business. He was 14 at the time.) 

He’s now 15 and just a few months later, he’s now making his own money on the internet selling songs and keeps talking about making 10K a month as his goal

These are the same proven principles that our members use to get to 10K a month. 

I see a lot of people going for bright, shiny objects: “What should I do next? What should I do next?” 

First, let’s do the things that are already working and then turn up the volume and frequency on THOSE activities. 

(If you don’t know what to do to market your business or how to close the sale, this is why we’re here. Let’s talk here.

So, that is a friendly reminder for you, courtesy of Luc Fredrickson today, to look at getting yourself and your message out there, as big as humanly possible. Then when something continues to work, don’t let go of the other ones, just multiply your efforts in those successful avenues. 

That’s how you get a lot more clients. That’s how it becomes easy. 

If you want to learn more about how some of the principles we teach can work for you in your business, feel free to reach out for a free exploratory session with one of our coaches.

Hope that’s some inspiration for you.

Lots of love. xo  

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