Let’s have you stop doing the stuff you’re not good at

Today, I would love to clear up a myth that is often heard in business circles: The myth that you have to get really good at things you’re not good at.

I see way too many people who are self-employed, having come from a well-rounded education who mistakenly think, “Oh this thing that I’m not good at, when I get good at it, it’ll grow my business.” 

That’s not actually what happens. 

The more time you spend trying to strengthen your weaknesses, the more you will not grow your business. Here’s some advice on how to correct this misunderstanding: 

The key here is to strengthen your strengths.

That’s how you grow your business. 
That’s how you grow your impact.
That’s how you grow your income.
And that’s how you grow your freedom.

There are many things that you’re incompetent at, just as there are many things I’m incompetent at too. Everybody is incompetent at some things and the more you try to get good at those things, the more you will waste valuable time. 

The solution is to get really, really good at the things you’re excellent at, because that’s where you have leverage, that’s where you can exponentially grow. 

So, I invite you to make a list of the things that you’re completely incompetent at or even the things that you’re slightly competent at (it’s easy, they’re the things you hate to do in your business). 

These are things that, frankly, you can do but somebody else can do better and those are the things that now or eventually in your business, you need to start delegating to people who are actually uniquely brilliant at them

Do you see that, if you gained back the 50, 60, or 80% of the time that you, (sorry to say) waste on things that you’re not good at, you could use all of that time, all of that effort into leveraging the things you’re already really good at


That’s how you create new results in your business. 

Sending you all my love. xo

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