Leanna has awesome advice for reaching 100K

I have to say, there’s nothing sweeter for me than sharing stories that show you (and have you believe on a DEEP level) what is possible for you.

Leanna is only a year into her journey of taking her business from a side hustle (she was earning $500 a month in her business while still employed in a “real” job) to a now 6-figure bonafide business that employs nine people.

6 figures in one year! How’d she do it??

I’m hoping that the advice she has to share with you about how specifically she went from $500 a month to more than $10,000 a month in just 12 months is exactly what you need to hear today. Watch this now and take notes, ok?:

Can following a recipe with peanut butter (not anchovy paste), unconditional love and acceptance REALLY get you to 6 figures in one year, as Leanna recommends in this week’s inspiring video?

This interview still makes me a bit tingly in the eyes…because it is just so cool for me to witness this kind of transformation, again and again and again. It’s life changing, because it works.

I hope you’re seeing a pattern emerge here.

The stories that I’ve been sharing are inspiring, yes. These women have done extraordinary things, it’s true.

They may never have known it in the beginning, but they were always destined to play a bigger game. And so are you. 

Leanna’s success is what happens when you receive specific instruction and unconditional love in a community of peers that see you and accept you for who you really are, and then cheer you on like crazy.

When you have the humility and the courage to get the help you need to then do the right things to grow your business, in the right order (and not put the peanut butter instead of the anchovies like I joked in today’s video)…you get the results you never thought you would.

It’s all about the ability to follow a plan, step by step, and use accountability systems to keep you on track, all so you don’t self-sabotage or resist taking the steps that lead to your goals.

Yes, Leanna is just starting, but she’s come so far. In one year.

And now, she’s on track to Leverage her business to 7 figures and that elusive million-dollar business she may never have thought would be hers.

So, let me ask you a cheeky question.

Where will you be…one year from now? 🙂

I wonder if, before watching Leanna’s video, you might have said one thing…but what would happen if you got help from some really cool people?

Might your results change if you were here with us?

Especially if your coaching paid for itself in the form of new clients, like Leanna’s did in 2 months?

With us. Following the recipe that’s been proven to bake the yummiest businesses, time and time again, in a community full of love and hugs and tissues when you need them…

If you’re wondering that too, reach out! We don’t bite, I promise! 😉

Schedule a call with one of our compassionate and caring Strategy Coaches, just to chat about what might be possible for you. We are here to help, never to pressure you into something that isn’t a wholehearted yes for you.

It just may be the beginning of your extraordinary story, too, like it was for Leanna and countless others.

You can do it,

P.S. Here’s the link to set up a time to chat. It’s free, and there’s no pressure and nothing to lose. Go for it. xoxo

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