Kate makes me laugh so hard (from $0 to 1MM)

OK, you ready for a good laugh (or a few good laughs) and a dose of inspiration?

Then you’re going to love Kate Kingston:

(I’ve always felt that it’s impossible not to love Kate. I bet you fall in love with her like I have.)

Within 4 months of joining us in the Business School, Kate was making $10,000 a month.

Her secret?

“I just do what Fabienne tells me.”

That’s exactly what she says multiplies her revenues up and up every year.

In fact, she says in the video, “When I’m around Fabienne and Derek, I make money. Period.”

But it’s not about the money for Kate. It’s about how we care for her and believe in her. In fact, she calls me her muse (which I find very touching).

Watch this week’s 7-minute inspiration video to get a glimpse of you in your near future.

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You can do this.


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  1. What a fantastic testimonial!! Loved watching this Fabienne and Kate. Definitely a laugh, definitely inspiring and such a great energy you share up there on the stage!

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