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Jennifer Gillman of Gillman Strategic Group: Success Story – Jennifer went from zero to 170K in one year! (so can you)

Jennifer Gillman of Gillman Strategic Group; Success Story with Boldheart

Boldness has power – and that is exactly what today’s story is all about. Jennifer took a chance on herself, just 12 days into her new business, and it really paid off – making her $170,000 in revenues in her first year! Watch this:

Jennifer had been in business for herself for just 12 days (!) when she joined the Boldheart business program and applied our authentic marketing and sales processes to ramp up revenues quickly. Here’s what she shared recently: 

“I wish I had learned all about this marketing earlier on in my career…I always thought of myself as ‘That’s not for me, I’m not a marketer, I feel uncomfortable and too sales-y.’ 

But once I was exposed to all the different ways there were to market and how there’s really something that fits everyone’s innate talent and personality, I realized that I could be a GREAT marketer, as long as I was doing the things that I felt comfortable doing.

It was easy to close the sale once I concentrated on how I was serving the other person and the value that I was bringing. All I had to talk about was the change that they were going to have. I didn’t have to worry about myself.”

Do you have an aversion to marketing and sales, too? It’s normal. So often, we are taught to market in masculine ways with deeply uncomfortable sales techniques and tactics. But when you learn how to market in a more feminine way and close the sale in a way that feels authentic, you want to do it all the time! 

Oh, and it works. 😉

Jennifer took what we offered and her results are nothing short of amazing – from zero to $170,000 in her first year of business – not bad for someone straight out of the gate! 

She reached a turning point in her business on a memorable winter day, when she followed her intuition and showed up despite some obstacles, making a six-figure deal. Here’s what she said made that possible: 

The Boldheart materials made me feel more comfortable and confident that I had something of value to offer. It didn’t matter who I was talking to or how successful they were compared to me.”

Yes, Jennifer!! How awesome is this? 

These kinds of mindset shifts are such a key part of what we do at Boldheart Business: changing your belief systems and how confidently you show up in the world.

Once she reached 6 figures in one year (1), Jennifer moved up to our Leverage program, where she’s building her team and her systems.

I’m learning how to leverage my team and my time and my systems because right now I’m the only one. I’m a little bit of a bottleneck because I’m so fortunate that I have more opportunities than I can take advantage of at the moment. So we’re working very hard to find some others to join our team. I’ve got my first full-time employee…so I am thrilled and I hope she’s just the first.”

She finds Boldheart Business super valuable for a mix of reasons, as she shared with me: 

I think it’s a combination of having so much training and support but in such a nice welcoming community. It makes it easier to take in all of the information. 

We have the ability to ask questions whenever we want. We have other members to bounce things off of. We meet in smaller groups. We have weekly video question and answer sessions. We have [quarterly online retreats]. 

There’s never a time when a whole week goes by that there’s not an opportunity to have some support of some kind.”

When Jennifer was thinking about joining Boldheart, she did question spending money on a program when the brand new business hadn’t yet brought in any money. 

“I’m so glad that I went for it because I feel like all of the members that I’ve spoken to have waited a little bit and they’ve floundered around and it’s been unpleasant and anxiety-producing.

I was able to start right away with all the right resources and all the right support and I think that’s what’s grown my business faster. I think that it would have taken longer to get to where I am if I had waited longer to join. I can’t even imagine not having this resource.”

Here’s what Jennifer said about the return on investment. 

“As much as it sounded like an investment to me, it really is an ‘investment’. It’s a small amount of money to get a lot of support and information and training that can grow your business exponentially. 

I would really urge anybody who’s thinking about it to just go for it.”

From being alone with zero income to $170,000 in one year and surrounded by a loving community full of support sure sounds like a good return on investment!

How about you, sweet friend?

Do you want your business to be a success from the get-go like Jennifer’s? Let’s talk. Do it today. 

Reach out for an exploratory strategy session to see if we would be a good fit.

Take a chance on yourself, like Jennifer did. All it takes is one conversation to change your life for the better. 

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P.S. You might be on the fence too (like some of the women Jennifer mentioned), but maybe it’s time to take a chance, like she did, and have a chat with us? 

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