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It Takes 5 Minutes to Fix Your Business Model

So you’re frustrated in your business, you’re working till you’re blue in the face, wondering why you are not increasing your revenues. I think it’s time for you to fix your business model.

One of the reasons for that could be that you are still delivering all the work yourself and all of your clients’ results depend largely on you.

You are probably still doing some one-to-one, handling each client on your own, and you are at full capacity, thinking

“How can I make more when I can’t physically take on more clients?” This is where you must fix your business model.

Well, what I’m here to tell you is that we need to fix your business model, as I talk about in my book.

By that I mean, it’s time to shift the way you deliver your work to clients.

Instead of ‘one-to-one’, we need to start having you look at ‘one-to-many’.

Now, you may not be the kind of person who can work one-to-many, but perhaps you can bring on somebody who can deliver the work to your clients for you, i.e. bringing on a ‘mini me’, as women entrepreneurs call it in our signature program.

Now, a lot of times when I talk to women business owners about bringing on an associate, they’ll say, “Oh no, the clients will only want me,” or,

“Only I can do the work. I’ve got the magic touch, and besides, they came to see me”. If this you, this is where you have to fix your business model and your mindset.

Well, yes, you do have the magic touch, but that way of operating will keep you at this level of stuckness and overwhelm for the foreseeable future, without the ability to grow.

What I’m here to tell you is that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can absolutely train somebody to do it in your methodology, within your culture, so that they are an expression, an extension of your brand.

Really, in my own company at Boldheart, my team calls it WWFD, What Would Fabienne Do?

We can have that be the case in your business, as our amazing members are doing (this is what gets them out of “delivery overwhelm” and into 7-figures.

Now, other women business owners say, “Why would somebody come and do it for me when they could just do it for themselves?”

Well, what I’ve learned is that there are enough people in the world that can actually do the work, many more than you can imagine. Granted, they may not do it as well as you (although that’s debatable) but they could get pretty close to how you do it and would love to work for you.

This requires a mindset shift and you can fi fix your business model in 5 minutes, as long as you understand the following…

=> There are some people who don’t actually WANT to market, sell, manage a team, hire, fire, keep an eye on expenses, deal with payroll, keep the lights on, basically, do all the things necessary to run a business. They just want to clock in, do the work, get paid for it, and clock out.

These are the people who can help you go one-to-many.

(Yes, I can show you how to find them, how they’re “wired” differently than you, what to look out for, how to train them to deliver the same results you would, what to pay them and how to secure a contract with them, what agreements to have so they don’t run off with your clients, how to manage them so they’re happy and stay for years so you don’t have to step back in, how to reward them for bringing on new clients for you, among many other things. Oh, we also remove your limiting beliefs so you can fix your business model, so you shift your mindset to believe that you don’t have to do it all, and can fully let go and TRUST. This is a big one and a necessary part of the equation, the one I lovingly take you through in our program.)

This is what we do, and it’ll give you the exponential growth in impact, with the freedom you seek.

The big piece is that we have to get you beyond the belief that only YOU can do it. Once we do that, you will find that person and start increasing your revenues and your downtime while you make an impact on many more people.

Have you been thinking of going “one to many” but keep talking yourself out of it or finding you get sucked back into doing the work? Then, by all means, let’s talk asap and see how we can help you fix your business model (it’s not that difficult, I promise).

We offer a free exploratory session, a heart-to-heart strategy conversation that could just be the one that changes everything for the better.

Let’s grab 30 minutes so we can hear more about your situation as it is now, what you dream of for your business, and map out a plan to transition you out of overwhelm and into a more manageable business that runs itself, and allows you to have a delicious life.

Let’s get you unstuck,

Fabienne Fredrickson
Author of the book The Leveraged Business
Founder of Boldheart Business

P.S. I know that, in isolation, it’s easy for us, especially as women, to doubt ourselves or talk ourselves out of getting the help we need. It’s normal, but that’s the old way of doing it. The new way is to belong to a community of other powerful, kind, generous women, who help us with our strategy and our mindset (and remind us of our greatness).

Set up a time to discuss your business with one of my amazing, heart-centered coaches. You will love her. Together, we’ll map out your plan to get out of the weeds and have you plant the right seeds for the growth of your business (one that doesn’t require you to be so involved.)

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