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Is your fear of success stopping you from going big?

Fear of success can lead to self-sabotage. You know how we, as entrepreneurs, sometimes find ourselves hesitating to go after our big dreams? That little voice creeps in, questioning if it’s all worth it, if it’ll even work out? Worse still, what if it does all work out and we really are successful?

I see entrepreneurs stop themselves from going after really big things far too often, because they don’t know, or have faith, that it’s going to work. 

“What if I put all this effort and I take these risks, and I hire these team members, or I sign up for a program, or I make that big shift in my business model or my marketing, and what if it doesn’t work?”

There’s this fear of success,making them worry about what will change in their life if it all works out. And this fear of failure, making them think, what if it doesn’t work? 

And the idea that I’d like to share with you is, what if it does work? What if we were to switch your mindset to believe that things are going to work out in your favor? What if when it does all work out, life becomes better all round?

Let’s talk about paranoia vs. pronoia in thinking about your business.

Watch this video to switch your mentality in order to allow yourself to reach your goals:

Paranoia vs. pronoia in your business

From a spiritual perspective, I want you to think about the concept of pronoia. You’ve likely heard of paranoia, that nagging feeling that the universe or the world is out to get us.

Pronoia, however, is the opposite. What if the universe is set up to benefit us? What if, just what if, the universe is actually conspiring to bring us joy, success, and fulfillment?

Picture this: 

  • What if everything happening right now is leading you exactly where you need to be? 
  • What if that challenge you’re facing is merely a stepping stone to something incredible? 
  • What if that big leap you’re hesitant to take is actually the key to unlocking your greatest potential?

Changing the what-ifs to grow outside the comfort zone

“What if everything is always working out for me? What if what I’m experiencing right now is actually going to work? What if that opportunity is going to come through? What if that investment is exactly what I need? What if the mess that I’m in right now will become the seed for the next big growth of my business?” 

It’s all about flipping the script, my friends. Instead of dwelling on the “what ifs” of failure, let’s start asking ourselves, “What if it does work?”

I get it – stepping into the unknown can be absolutely downright terrifying. Trust me, I’ve been there too. 

But here’s the thing: growth rarely happens inside our comfort zones. It’s when we push past our fears and embrace the possibilities that magic truly happens.

Self-belief over self-doubt

So, let’s break it down. You’ve got this amazing idea, this vision that’s been keeping you up at night. But there’s that pesky doubt, whispering in your ear, “What if it flops?”

Well, my friend, what if it soars? What if it’s better than you ever could’ve imagined? What if that idea of yours is exactly what the world needs right now? What if you’re on the brink of something truly extraordinary?

I’d like to invite you to switch the inevitable “what if”s from anxious, self-doubting ones to hopeful, self-confident ones. Because your ideas truly have the power to change lives and bring immense success to your business – and you have to be your own biggest supporter.

This is about your mindset. You can only do so much if you don’t believe in your abilities first.

The thing is, there will likely be bumps along the way – challenges, setbacks, moments where you question everything.

But here’s the secret: the universe has your back. It’s not about blindly hoping for the best, but trusting in the journey, knowing that every twist and turn is leading you closer to your dreams.

And the secret is, the next time the doubt creeps in, asking yourself again and again, what if it does work? 

It changes everything.

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