Is it wrong to want more?

Have you ever felt guilty, or felt shamed by someone because you aspire for more than you already have in your life?

If so, then this week’s video (and my personal hack for overcoming the guilt) is a must for you. Watch it now:

If you’ve ever been asked (or asked yourself), “When will enough be enough?” or, “Why can’t you be satisfied with what you already have?” then I want you to know this:

It’s NATURAL to want more! Even nature wants more.

According to the wisdom of Wallace Wattles in his legendary book The Science of Getting Rich (by the way, this is what I quoted in today’s video):

Increase is what all men and all women are seeking; it is the urge of the Formless Intelligence within them, seeking fuller expression. The desire for increase is inherent in all nature; it is the fundamental impulse of the universe. All human activities are based on the desire for increase; people are seeking more food, more clothes, better shelter, more luxury, more beauty, more knowledge, more pleasure – increase in something, more life.”

Your desire for more life is natural, and it is experienced by each and every human on the planet. There is nothing wrong with this!

Whether you want more clients, to make more money in your business, to increase your exposure and visibility, to impact more lives, OR…

…if you want to increase your quality of life, have better relationships, a nicer house, better clothing, a better education for your children, more experiences with your friends, to travel (or live) across the globe, to take more time off so you can build schools in Africa…there is nothing wrong with it.

The process for not feeling guilty and being aligned with nature is to 1) Be grateful for what you have, and then, from that place of total abundance, 2) Be open (and intend) to receive even more.

This is how I live.


Because you (as I do, as we all do) deserve the highest level experiences in life. In you having “more” of anything you want, you are not taking anything away from anyone else. There is more than enough in this vast universe!

That being said, I truly believe that the difference between people who stay stuck in their current circumstances, complaining and blaming others, versus those who are perpetually improving their circumstances, is the understanding of what I share with you in this week’s video.

We talk a lot around here about the concept of entelechy…the innate ability of an acorn to become the mighty oak. That same potential for more is innate and within you. It’s part of your DNA.

Just accept it.

Will you try my formula? Will you practice balancing gratitude for where you are right now with a full acceptance of being open to having (a lot) more? I hope so. Because I know it’s the key to a future beyond your greatest imaginings.

To you having more,

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