Is it self-sabotage? Here’s how to find out


I’ve been hearing this one question a lot recently: “Fabienne, what did you actually DO to multiply your income so quickly? How did you get to 7 figures? Can I do it too?”

Yes, you can do it too.

It comes down to several different things: authentic and compelling marketing, systems for everything, a team, different sources of income, leverage…

…but those are actually the easy part, because you can be shown exactly how to do this (we show you how in Boldheart Business).

The difficult part is actually a two step process, one so deceptively simple that most people look for something way more complex:

  1. Make a decision (get specific)
  2. Do what it takes (follow through)

I know, it might seem like child’s play, but most people never actually get clear about WHAT they want in the first place, and then they don’t make a commitment to getting it.

First you must DECIDE that you are going to reach a big goal.

Next, you must be OK with DOING whatever it takes to get it, as if your life depended on it.

That ‘action’ piece is where most people fail in this process. They throw out a lofty goal, but when it comes to actually DOING what it takes, they let their mindset, their limiting beliefs and their fears get in the way. The ideas and opportunities to reach that big goal are right there in front of them, but they don’t take action on them.

I saw this happen recently with a woman I was talking to. She asked me, “Fabienne, I set this huge goal for myself, and the year’s almost over, but I’m not even halfway to reaching it. What happened? What am I doing wrong?”

What I lovingly told her was that, despite the lofty goal, her BEHAVIOR hadn’t changed very much. Despite progress in other areas, she kept stopping herself, and kept doing the same things, worrying about the same things (not knowing the “how”, not enough money, not enough time, etc., etc.).

She had all the different ways to make her goal happen quickly, but she never implemented the ideas. The HOW was right in front of her, but she got in her own way, and essentially sabotaged her potential income by not taking action on the idea. Her mindset was creating the self-sabotage and keeping her results the same.

I’ve gotten really clear about this. The “how” is always right there, right under your nose, ready for the taking.

In fact, there was a time in my own business where I could never have imagined making this much in one year. But the opportunities to do so were already there, years before.

But, guess what happened?

Nothing, nada, zip! I didn’t do ANYTHING about it. I let the opportunity get stale and covered with dust, and it was because of these obstacles:

  1. My excuse of not having enough time to implement it
  2. My fear of failure
  3. Essentially, my belief that I wasn’t “good enough” or “big enough” to succeed with it

(Any of these sound familiar?) So I never achieved the income potential that the particular opportunity had in store for me at the time, but at least I’m taking action on it now.

The ideas that are given to you are not just ‘silly ideas’. They are divinely brought to you.

One mentor often said to me, “If you are given an idea, then too you are given the way to achieve it. You wouldn’t be able to have the idea without also receiving the ‘way’ to accomplish it. It’s universal law.”

Until you are ready to see what’s already right under your nose, without discounting it as “not feasible”, you aren’t going to grow. Remember, that idea you got in the shower, or the idea your mastermind members brainstormed with you didn’t actually come from them or you. It was divinely given THROUGH them.

And you are given ideas like these ALL THE TIME! It is the Universe’s way of guiding you on a daily basis, literally pulling you by the hand and pointing you in the direction that will help you accomplish your dreams, but the question is…are you listening? Are you going to do something about it?

If you’re not where you want to be financially in your business, one of the major reasons is your non-action. If you’re still at the same place you were before, it’s because you’re unwilling to take advantage of the opportunity that is right in front of you (and has been for a long time).

My inspiration for you: Get clear on the opportunities that are right under your nose.

Your income will increase quickly when you do.

In the meantime, don’t forget the “easy” part I mentioned earlier: marketing, systems, a team, different sources of income and leverage. When you market consistently and authentically using ONLY what works, your goals become big-time easy. When you set up systems and have a great team, you have more time to implement the big opportunities.

When you set up additional sources of income (both passive and leveraged), you make a whole lot more, working a whole lot less.

Are you inspired to get going but not sure where to start with all of this? Reach out for a chat with one of my expert strategy coaches so we can get to know each other and see what we might do to help.

I mean it, sweet friend – you can do this, with the right help. I believe in you. 

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