Invite to my holiday party at my home (video)

Hi there!

Busy and super fun week ahead… :)

I came home from Thanksgiving weekend to a house freshly decorated for the Holidays, thanks to my fantastic personal assistant, Maryellen.

Here’s a glimpse inside our party last year for some of our students and what my house will look like this Thursday night… take a look and imagine yourself there with us:

(Be sure to see just what surprise guest lovingly took over my party at around 2:27 in the video… it was never really my gig after that! The look on my face at 2:27 is priceless…) ;)

If I’m being fully transparent, our holiday party is off the charts… we seriously know how to celebrate.

But what hundreds of our Client Attraction Business School™ students are really flying in from all around the world for (as I type this) is our annual Planning and Strategy Day, happening on Friday.

It’s a bonus day that I gift to all of our students to help them completely map out their income growth strategic plan for 2016.

Here’s what one of our wonderful multi-year students wrote about last year’s P&S Day:


Not only will they all walk away with a full plan for next year, but what makes our CABS community unique is its ability to serve our entrepreneurs by giving them the gift of connection to each other.

That is priceless, or so they tell me.

You know, it’s not too late for you to join us here this week…

Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting your foot in the door of our Business School and starting to ramp up your results sooner rather than later?

If so, take a moment now to schedule a complimentary strategy session with one of our caring Strategy Coaches.

Don’t get this confused with a sales-y, put-pressure-on-you call.

(Yuck, we don’t do that!)

We just really want to chat with you about you, about your business and about your goals and what’s getting in the way, and help you plan out your next steps for 2016.

And if it speaks to you, we’ll invite you to join us in CABS, and maybe even to Stamford CT this week, for the Holiday Party, or at least the Planning and Strategy Day.

How does that sound?

Would you like to feel like a part of something bigger than yourself, to feel that you don’t have to do this alone anymore?

Do you crave strategy, clarity, systems, a plan for the next 365 days, community, connection, a little inspiration and just a lot of fun with people who will get you?

Then let’s talk. Click here to schedule your strategy call today, OK?

Who knows… maybe we will see you very soon? ;)


p.s. Thanks so much for being so awesome. I appreciate you so much.

p.p.s. Hey, if you know someone who also craves strategy, clarity, systems, a plan for the next 365 days, community, connection, a little inspiration and just a lot of fun with some cool people, would you send them this blog and encourage them to call us? You will look like a total rock star! Thank you… ;)

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