In the first 43 days since joining, she made my whole investment back, plus $4,000

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Christine Gallagher of shares her experience as a Platinum Mastermind client in the Client Attraction Winners Academy.

“Before I worked with Fabienne I was not delegating enough, tied to my laptop and doing everything myself. Because I was trying to do it all – I was controlling so much in my business and it was limiting my growth. For example, when my husband got home, I would shut down my laptop so we could eat dinner. Afterwards, I’d go back to the laptop again all night working away. Lastly, I would take my iPhone and bring it to bed and continue working. My husband was supportive of my business, but he was like, “Come on. You have to draw the line. This is crazy.”

I attended the Client Attraction Workshop and before I knew it I was in the hot seat with Fabienne learning her strategy to close the sale 97% of the time. Based on that experience, I was literally selling myself on the fact that I need help and knew Fabienne was the one. Essentially, I agreed to the Platinum Mastermind program right there on stage!

In the first 43 days since joining, I made my whole investment back, plus $4,000. That’s huge! People have said when you invest in yourself, you step it up and really rock it – it is so true. So many amazing things have been happening and I know it’s because the energy is high. Over the last five months, I’ve made $10,000 a month of additional income.

Fabienne stretches you and I’ve already exceeded the goal I wanted. It’s so obvious when you delegate to other people, you have more free time to get more done in the business that makes you money. She and Derek showed us exactly what they do, step-by-step. Finally I see it and I can do this – that’s huge!

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