In San Francisco, sitting by the pool after a full day of powerful learning

I’m here in beautiful San Francisco, at a seminar on marketing yourself as an expert. And someone said to me, “Why are YOU here? You’re already an expert, Fabienne!” Well, here’s one important thing you must know about people who continually succeed in business: They’re always “sharpening the saw”, meaning they keep getting better and better at their skill. And I’m one of those people. I’m always learning, signing up for new programs, going to seminars, working with the highest level mentors available and adding more learning, not just for myself and my own success, but also because it makes me infinitely more valuable to my private clients. And I believe you should too.

You see, clients want a different perspective than their own, they’re searching for big-time guidance and answers to their biggest problems. And the more value you provide in the marketplace, the more you become a client magnet, and most importantly, the more you produce results for them (which means they’ll tell more people about you). Because that’s what people want, results and solutions to their problems. And if you can provide that consistently, you too will become the pied piper in your industry and multiply your business-income over and over again.

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