I'm Live on eBay! Bid on my auction for a seat to Mindset Retreat (proceeds for charity)

I’ve wanted to do something like this for so long, and now it’s happening! I just posted this auction on eBay for a ticket to my upcoming Mindset Retreat 3 day live event happening this September in Miami, Florida (September 13-15,  2010). All proceeds from the auction go to one of my favorite charities – Just Like My Child. It’s an organization that I (and Derek) believe very strongly in. We contribute signficantly to them EVERY month as a way of giving back to a charity we feel so strongly about. In fact, we have arranged for our children (Claire, Luc & Oliver) to donate to the charity on their behalf each year as a way of showing the value and contribution when you GIVE BACK. And, the great thing is, someone gets to WIN a free ticket to one of my most transformational and powerful events I’ve ever done. As you’ve heard me say, Mindset is 90% how you succeed in your solo-business as an entrepreneur. Click the link below to see the auction on eBay and I can’t wait to see the winning bid! (hint: winning bidder will receive a special gift from me LIVE at the event in Miami).

Click here to see my auction on eBay.


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