I'm blessed to be working with new Diamond Level client, Christine Kane

What an awe-inspiring few days it’s been! Earlier this week, Diamond Level client Rebecca Reynolds came to our offices for her third full day of in-person strategy with us. It gives me chills to think about Rebecca’s purpose here in the world, and the millions of people’s lives she affects daily and will continue to affect through her business. She is a beautiful force to be reckoned with, one committed to world change, and I’m humbled to be on her “board of advisors”. After a year of working very closely together and massively multiplying her business, we actually stretched her vision even BIGGER this week, and she’s game. Wow. Then, just yesterday, Derek and I were honored to begin working closely, also at the Diamond level, with Christine Kane: the mentor to women who are changing the world. We are TOTALLY blown away by how amazing Christine is, and how much value she already brings to her clients. Now, it’s our job to multiply this success even further, and we mapped out the exact way she’ll be doing that this year. We’ll be meeting her in person in our offices every few months, and then speaking with her at length each week to stay on track with her stretched goals and make it happen. (Oh, and dinner last night at one of our favorite restaurants was SO fun – think farm-fresh, artisanal ingredients alongside fantastic wine.) What I love about our Winners Academy is that it’s not just for entrepreneurs ready to jump to 7-figures. There’s a level for “where you are now” and we’re so excited for the launch of our affordable Gold Mastermind program today. If you’re a “Start up Sally”, in business less than three years, in the building stage of wanting a lot more clients and making a lot more, you should consider joining us asap. You’ll find the Gold Mastermind details here. If you’ve wanted to work with me closely to get you more clients, but haven’t had the resources for my higher-level programs, then join me for monthly curriculum calls, monthly laser coaching calls and 3 live in-person meetings this year. You won’t recognize your business a year from now. Download the application and join us today. We start getting YOU new clients today.]]>

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