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If you’re thinking of quitting, watch this

In today’s video, I want to remind you to stay the course. I know how hard it is to give up on that dream. I know about the obstacles that are probably presenting themselves to you.

I have some suggestions on how to break through those obstacles and stay committed to your vision. If you’re thinking of quitting, watch this:

It’s difficult to stay aligned with the vision. 

All these different forces trying to tell you that…

“It’s not worth it.”
“It’s too hard.”
“It’s too big.”
“You’re not qualified.”
“You don’t know enough.”
“It’s going to require too much effort.”

I know those voices. I hear them all the time myself. 

But those voices, those inklings, those thoughts that you have, they’re not real. That’s just the ego trying to talk you out of the next big thing. 

Other people telling you, 

“Get real.”
“Why aren’t you just happy with what you have?”
“Why do you need more?”

Don’t listen to them, that’s small thinking. 

You are a big thinker. 

You have to surround yourself with big thinkers and big thoughts, and so, that moment when you think, “You know what? It’s just not worth it, I’m just going to quit.” 

That’s exactly when you need to double down and not quit. 

Here’s an exercise you can do right now to counteract those voices: Pull out a journal. Write your vision in crystal clear detail with all five senses:

What does your goal, completed…
…look like?
…feel like?
…smell like?
…taste like?

Recommit to the vision, especially when the going gets tough. That’s my inspiration for you for today. 

Do not give up, do not quit, you might just be three feet from gold.

I’m rooting for you. xo

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