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If you feel discouraged, do this

“The day that you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.”

If you’re not yet where you want to be in your business (or your life, for that matter), this message is for you today, my sweet friend.

I get it. We all get discouraged.

We all have days where we wonder if it’s ever going to happen for us, and we think about giving up.

(Yes, it still happens to me too sometimes. I’m human too.)

Admittedly, it’s just a funk. It’ll probably pass, but in that moment, it feels like a lot, yes?

The thing is… If you don’t get out of a funk, you will continue to attract more of the things you don’t want. (Classic Law of Attraction stuff, right?)

And you don’t want THAT!

Sooooo, it’s time to take personal responsibility and get out of it super quickly. In today’s new video, I give you one of my fastest ways to do that (in fact, I’ve given you two ways to do that at the end of this post, and one is SUPER funny, as you’ll see in a minute).

But first, I want you watch today’s video now and listen carefully so you can notice how you feel as I say these things to you:

It’s our nature to want the results of our efforts, well, um, yesterday. So when I meet business owners who feel like it’s not happening fast enough, I look them in the eye and say…

“Just. Keep. Going…”

“It’s on its way. Stay in positive expectation!”

“The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.”

“Pray (meaning, stay focused on the positive outcome you want) and move your feet (take consistent action).”

That’s how it will manifest. But, if you grow impatient, lose faith, and stop moving forward because you’re not seeing the results quickly enough, then the fruit won’t ever arrive.

Got it?

So the answer is always to return to faith. (Yes, even in business.)

Feel free to make your own reminder cards to use on the days when you’re down. When we do this, we change our vibration, we become re-inspired and we (I believe) become much more open to receiving the divine guidance that will help us overcome whatever challenge we face.

I’ve posted the mantras and affirmations from today’s video in the P.S. below, so you can put them on your own index cards or copy and paste them into a document, print it and then read it morning and night. Enjoy!

I believe in you. Keep going. Keep your spirits up! And then move your feet!

I promise, your results are on the way.

So much love,

P.S. Remember…whenever you get discouraged, you have the ability (maybe even the true responsibility) to do whatever it takes to get back into a vortex of good energy. You don’t need to stay in the funk. You get to feel it, change your state, and get back to taking inspired action. That’s my recipe and I hope you’ll try it. Here are the affirmations I told you about in today’s video:

I am expectant, confident, optimistic.
I keep my enthusiasm strong; I never allow myself to be discouraged or depressed.
I keep my ambition and aspiration high; I cultivate patience and perseverance.
I keep my imagination centered in what I want and keep my faith moving toward it.
I am positive in my thought, feeling, and action.
I accentuate the positive in every situation. I never allow myself to dwell on the negative.
I never depreciate, criticize, minimize or speak disparagingly of myself.
I never dwell upon my mistakes. I always think of myself as growing, expanding and becoming more efficient, resourceful and dynamic.
I look for the good in everything and everybody. I refuse to recognize anything but the good.
I seek the best of everything and know that my mind will produce it.
I think in large terms. The more I expect, the more my faith brings it to me.
I convince my mind that what I seek is already here, that it is mine now.
I train my mind to think in terms of abundance; I never allow it to dwell upon lack or limitation in any form.
When I meet trouble of any kind, I refuse to be worried or disturbed by it. I know that I am bigger than any adverse thing that happens to me and have the power to overcome it.
I meet every problem with the conviction that it is already solved.
I face every difficulty with courage, strength, and fortitude. I am determined to turn it into something good.
I know that I have the power to adjust anything, change anything, correct anything, and overcome anything.
I believe the unbelievable.

P.P.S. Oh, and here’s a link to a Youtube video I watch when I need to keep myself in positive spirits if I feel discouraged, so I can stay in a good mood. (I even use this video to get my kids out of a bad mood or to help them pass the time when we’re stuck in unending traffic.) Here’s that Youtube video. I dare you not to laugh and get in a better mood when you watch this!

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