I love what Tracy says here

Do you ever have the feeling that you’d just like to bust out? To break through your current level of success and experience and hit the next level that you know lies right on the other side?

I want to share a bit of Tracy’s story with you.

Tracy was already very successful before she came to The Client Attraction Business School. She has degrees from MIT, including an MBA. She had a highly successful health coaching practice and a passion burning inside of her that was calling her to the next level.

But she didn’t know how to get from here to there…

So when Tracy says that you can’t get what is available here at other schools, she’s speaking with experience of the best of the best.

Want to get inspired? Watch this 6 minute video now:

There’s so much I love about this…

I LOVE that Tracy shared that she was able to leverage her existing business without struggle or sacrifice and double her income with ease.

Tracy went from being a successful health coach to helping other health coaches build thriving 6-figure practices by increasing their clinical knowledge and business acumen. And once she stepped into CABS, she was able to harness the content, community and accountability to create success quickly and easily. (It’s not just an idea – that kind of growth is real here.)

I believe that when we are ready to make a decision about living a bigger future, we’ve actually known it for some time. There’s a pressure that builds for some time until it becomes too uncomfortable to not do the thing. (I hope you don’t take eight years to get here, but hey, whatever it takes!)

But what I love most about Tracy’s testimony is what she shares about the community, because it is so true: “There is an unwavering love and unwavering insistence that we all collectively rise to where we are going.”

Our success with our students lies on the three pillars of our content, the accountability provided by our coaches and the love and connection of this vibrant community.

It is unparalleled.

It simply doesn’t exist anywhere else.  

If this is your time to bust out, let’s set up a chat for you to map out your 12-month goals. Click here to fill out an application to speak to one of our caring Strategy Coaches.

So many blessings,

p.s. My favorite word, entelechy, states that there is an innate potential that lies within everything and everyone. For example, an acorn has the innate potential to become the oak tree.

If you were to plant yourself in the fertile soil of The Client Attraction Business School, what would become possible for you? Let’s find out, shall we?

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