How you SEE yourself in your mind

In today’s new video, I am talking to you about how you see yourself.

I’m not just talking about seeing yourself in the mirror…

…I’m talking about how you see yourself in the theater of your mind

Just imagine for a moment that you are in a dark movie theater and what’s being projected on the screen is YOU: your life, and how you really see yourself when no one’s watching. 

This is what we call self-image, and I see soooooo many self-employed women underestimate its importance when it comes to making more money and playing a bigger game in their business.

You see, the image you have of yourself dictates your results, and here’s why… (Pay special attention if you know that you sometimes experience low self-esteem, okay?) Watch this: 

Shifting your self-image to one that feels even more deserving and worthy is really important (and a cornerstone of the Boldheart Business program). Working on how you see yourself is about digging deep and working on your mindset. (Everything we do starts with a Mindset First Methodology, because your mindset controls your actions.)

Most people think that their thoughts dictate their actions, but if you understand how mindset actually works, it’s a different story.

It’s actually your subconscious (how you see yourself, your beliefs about yourself, your expectations of yourself) that will dictate your actions. And of course your actions dictate your results. 

So let’s go back to the self-image. 

How you see yourself is massively important. 

Start paying attention to the “I am” statements. (This applies to your business, as well as your life.)

I’m a failure. 
I’m always struggling.
I’m always picking the wrong partners.
I’m never going to succeed in my business.
I’m not as good as she is.
I’m not sure I can charge that much.

If you have these kinds of thoughts and beliefs going around in your head, you won’t be able to grow your business very much and you will find it difficult to make very good money in your business.

(I know, ouch. I had to work on this years ago too.)

But…if you change the way you see yourself, if you change your “I am” beliefs, if you change your self-image, then you begin to take actions that you would have normally never taken. 

You begin to be bolder in the things that you do. 

You begin to be more visible and more consistent. 

You begin to show up in your business (and your life) in a way that you never have before. 

And that, sweet friend, is how you create results that astound others. 

You see, if you’re working and working and working, and you’re pushing, pushing, pushing that boulder up the hill, wondering why results aren’t happening fast enough, it’s because you haven’t worked on your self-image (yet). 

So how you see yourself matters more than you know because it drives your results. And your income. 

And now I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

This is why the women entrepreneurs in our program (and a few men who lead with their hearts) get such amazing results. Because we start by working on their beliefs, their self-image, and the ways they are unconsciously holding themselves back from success.

So if you’re reading this, thinking “Fabienne, it’s like you’re talking about me!”, we should definitely talk. 

Let’s book a free strategy call and let’s examine what beliefs are getting in the way of you growing your business. Let’s map out a plan for you to get past those obstacles. The call is free. 

Yes, I know it’s sometimes scary to reach out and get help. And yet, we have been waiting for you. 

Go ahead and book that free call by clicking here and answering a couple of questions. 

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