How you can take extended, unplugged vacations

During my month-long vacation in August (partly in France, partly here at the beach in Connecticut), people kept asking me the same question.

“How exactly are you able to take as much time off as a business owner, without checking in very much? I thought entrepreneurs are supposed to always make themselves available? How on earth do you do it?”

Well, it’s simple actually.

You CAN take (mostly) unplugged, extended vacations, IF you take a few precautionary steps ahead of time, as I explain in this week’s content video:

Imagine taking this December off. Or maybe even August next summer?

In this week’s new four-minute video, I share a few pointers that we use and teach our Leverage students of the Business School to successfully take several weeks off (maybe even months?) at a time, without losing business or your sanity.

In fact, being away can actually produce one of your highest revenue months of the year, as some of our students are experiencing.

Once you watch the video, please share with me in the comments below how much time you would like to take off each year and what you’re going to do to make that happen, OK?

By this time next year, let’s all have a nice extended (and unplugged) vacation planned, shall we?

Sending love,

p.s. Know someone who works too much and could use some more time off in their business? Please send them this blog… They will hug you for it. 😉


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7 Responses

  1. This year me: I did take your advice and I unplugged on my vacation but because I was playing such a small game, it wasn’t of any dire consequence. Next year me: I’m so happy and grateful that my business has exploded and I’m taking my family to Italy for my 50th birthday in August. I will be writing out a timeline and backing it down the mountain so I have a clear path and I will raise a glass of Prosecco to you!!

  2. Yay! ? I love this; thank you SO MUCH for the strategies in this video Fabienne! I took my first unplugged vacation last month to Jamaica for a week and I want to do it again for the last two weeks of August next year. So to do that I will continue what worked this time — putting it in my ezine small for 3 months ahead of time and medium 6 weeks leading up and large when I go away / come back, scheduling special Livestream replays during regular class time so students can stay plugged in, and putting my email and voicemail away messages up with marketing and resources listed in them! But I also intend to implement a send out ?cards campaign of back to school promo (send out 1 week before I leave) and also hire a VA to do phone GACs / scheduling new n current students for 3 weeks (during those two weeks I’m away and for the 1 week I return). I look forward coming back to ABUNDANCE! I feel so #inspired now, and I’m gonna copy paste this thread into my operations manual. My intention is to work up to August and December off, and 1 week off every month within the next 3 years! Woohooo!!! Love you Fabienne! ?

  3. Starting now, I plan on taking my birthday week off and also time in July and December. These are times that are typically industry down times so I feel comfortable in planning vacations around these times. This time next year I would have been coming from my July vacation. In order to do that I will make all of my marketing strategies and bookings from January 1st to March 1st. I will get gift certificates advertised, book administration week activities, send marketing emails and reminders, delegate responsibilities to coming team members, and trust that the business will not fall apart without me being there to run it. I will take the advice and let clients know about these times far in advance and keep them updated as the time approaches.

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