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How you can get to a million a year

What got you here, won’t get you there. That’s the main concept I use in teaching our members how to get to a million a year, with their life back (even if 10K a month is what you’re shooting for right now).

And today, to illustrate this concept (and show you how we could do this for you too), I’d like to share a story from my life with you:

My husband Derek is an avid skier, the kind that dreams of being on the slopes even when it’s the middle of summer. For many years, my family and I rented a ski house in Vermont so we could ski each week, and every Friday night from November to April we would drive several hours to the house we rented, and drive back each Sunday afternoon.

We rented this house in Vermont for many years, and because of this, I actually spent a lot of time in that house, even though it wasn’t mine. With a new baby, I spent most of my time inside, within its walls.

photo of a house under construction

It’s a big, sprawling house, with many nooks and crannies. And the more I spent time in the house, the more I realized it was not originally built as a big house. As I looked closer, I realized it was originally built as just a two room farmhouse, and over many decades, many additional rooms had been added on. Although I loved it, it was a little clunky. Not everything seemed to make sense in its layout.

I began to wonder to myself, “If the house was leveled and we could start all over again, would I have built the house exactly as it is now?” My answer was no. If I were to start over again, the house would have been designed much differently.

And this made me think about my own business. Yes, I had gotten it to multiple 6 figures a year, but I realized the business, the way it was built, was taking SO much of my time because there were SO many offerings and moving parts. It was hard to scale any further because I was overwhelmed with all the moving parts. So, I asked myself, all those years ago, the same question I had asked about the house:

“If my business was to be leveled and we could start all over again, would I have built the business exactly as it is now?” My answer was no. If I were to start over again, the business would have been designed much differently.

My business started with me on the phone, coaching individual clients from morning until evening. At a maximum of 30 clients a month, without the ability to work with more people, I found that I I had to turn people away (and couldn’t increase my income) because there were no more hours and no more of me to go around. Also, I only got paid when I worked.

Over time, as I shifted my business model by adding programs and products here and there, it became this big thing, which looked impressive from the outside – but it was, frankly, overwhelming. I was working a lot because I was running this program and that product and that launch and that event and another event, etc., etc.

It was also confusing to some. Sometimes, prospective new clients would say, “I’m confused. Should I do this, this, this or this?” All of my different offerings kind of seemed the same, even though they were different.

In this way, my business was just like that ski house…and I realized that it was clunky. If given the chance to start over again, I would not have rebuilt my business in the same way.

So I asked myself this question:

=> If I had no preconceived ideas, just a blank slate and were thinking strategically, what would my business look like in order to provide my product or service to 10 times the number of clients or customers I work with now?

And that’s when I made the changes that created a multiple 7-figure business a year, with 14 to 16 weeks of vacations with my husband and 3 children.

The same is possible for you too.

What about you? Would you build the same business if you could start completely from scratch?

If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, and you know you wouldn’t recreate your business in the same way, but aren’t sure what you’d do differently or how to streamline so you can scale, we can help. This is exactly what we teach in our signature program.

Yes, we show you exactly how to get to 20K, 50K, even 100K a month in your business while spending less time “doing” or “managing” and more time as the visionary entrepreneur that you are, using your time to think, innovate and make big decisions that create exponential growth to the business without being so involved or sacrificing your life or freedom. Our proven strategy, structure and community can get you – like me and thousands of our members – from stuck and overwhelmed to scaling and flourishing at multiple 6 figures (even a million a year).

If you’re curious about how we (meaning me, my team, and our amazing community of women entrepreneurs) can help you do it too, I lovingly invite you to book a time for us to get to know each other now, sooner rather than later.

You deserve to be free.

We’re here to help,

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