How to write copy that sells

Deep down, you know that…

…every human shares a desire to feel important.

…every person on earth wants to feel significant, like they matter.

…every individual wants to feel special, like they’re more than a number.

And that includes your potential clients and customers.

The problem is many business owners and marketers treat their potential clients like cattle, a herd of faceless people who don’t have a soul.

But you’re different. You actually care about your people.

So when it comes to your marketing and how you communicate with your potential clients, it is vital that you embrace what I have been teaching my own clients for years, which I’m sharing with you in this week’s training.

Watch it now, because although it’s short, it has the potential to dramatically shift the impact of your marketing:

This applies to you whether you have a business where you feel comfortable using words like “love” or whether you work in an industry in which that isn’t quite the accepted norm (at least…not yet).

Ultimately, this week’s 5-minute video training comes down to empathy. How can you make the ONE person you are communicating with feel valued and special, even if you’re writing copy that reaches tens of thousands?

Is it possible to sell by being compassionate? If so, how??

Here are four strategies you can employ to have more empathy in your marketing:

    1. See their world through their eyes.
    1. Understand their feelings.
    1. Communicate understanding.
  1. Appreciate them as human beings. (Heck, even love them.)

There are so many people that are longing to feel appreciated, respected and seen. This is about having compassion for those you serve.

And ultimately when you do this, people want to consume what you offer to them.

When you act this way with your prospects, they want to be with you and invest in your services, products and programs.

It’s human nature to go where you are genuinely loved.

Will you do this? Would you be willing to slip into your heart a little bit more?

Will you start writing your marketing copy as if you are writing to your best friend? Let me know in the comments below.

(I think you’ll be really surprised when you do.)

You Rock!

p.s. From my heart to yours, I so appreciate you for being a part of this incredible community. I respect and admire the path you have chosen and love being on your team. Now go rock some compassionate copy, OK? ;)

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