How to write a good tagline (or not)

I get asked this question a lot… “How do I create a great tagline for my business?”

In this week’s training video, I share some important things to think about, and some unimportant things, too…

You see, a tagline isn’t necessarily what you think. This 3-minute video will explain what I mean. Watch it now:

I’ve had a lot of taglines, huh!?!?

(I hope this gives you some ease and a little chuckle, especially if you’re someone like me who’s often reinventing yourself!)

The video addresses what’s most important, but for now I want you to remember to focus on what matters most. If your biggest goal is to get more clients, then that is networking, working your relationships (stay-in-touch marketing), and speaking.

If you’re ready to leverage, it’s creating your systems and building your team.

Your tagline serves a purpose, for sure. But it is the combination of your actions, consistency, decisions and service that make your business soar.

To your success,

P.S. Did you catch the hint that we’re about to announce our new brand? It’s so exciting, I can hardly stand it. Stay tuned… ;)


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