How to Use Video to Build Your List

You may know that I teach hundreds of our clients and customers each year how to use video to get clients and build their list. One of the questions I get most often is, Derek, why is video such an important part of your marketing and do I really need it? My answer is invariably Yes! You really do need it. You see, video is an essential part of your online marketing strategy, specifically having a video on your website, because it helps you authentically connect with people who visit your website and allows you to engage with them in a very compelling manner. Depending on what you ask them to do in your video, they happily opt-in to join your list or call you to become a client (or both).

“Video helps you authentically connect and engage with prospects in a very compelling manner, turning them into clients quickly” (Click here to tweet this.)

Now, I know what you’re probably saying… But Derek, I don’t even know where to start with video… all the different equipment and technology that exists, I’m confused. Do I even have what it takes to create good videos? Is that you? Are you feeling stuck when it comes to doing video? Well, with everything that’s available at our fingertips with video technology and the world of online virtual assistance, there is really no reason you cannot use video on your website.

Why is video so important for list building? Video allows you to interact with your prospects better than anything else – except for face-to-face interaction, of course. And unless you can figure out some magic way to appear in person every time someone visits your website – you’ll want to use video, in a strategic way. There are three important elements of shooting a video that I want to share with you, specifically.

Watch this week’s video to help you get up and running with video for marketing your business in no time.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Ask yourself: how am I using video in my marketing? If you don’t have a video on your website that will help you when it comes to connecting with your website visitors and building your list, I strongly suggest you consider adding video to your marketing efforts as soon as possible.

We’ve been using video now here at for a few years now on our website. It has been a game-changer not only for helping us build our list, but also attracting more ideal clients in droves and adding a lot to our bottom line. It’s time you do the same…

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    1. Actually Jill, bright sunlight can cause harsh shadows and squinting…so go for an overcast day, which gives diffuse, even lighting. Also, beware of noises outside…cars, barking dogs, etc.! I know this because I own a video production company…some tips for you! Good luck!

    1. There are a few… Animoto is one that comes to mind. But we love live video because it helps connect you with your potential clients in a very authentic way. Many smartphones come with the ability to shoot video, so you could even start there!

  1. It’s funny, because I used to do video all the time on my general “rant” blog. But it seems that the more serious I got about my message the more insecure I got about being on video. My other videos are fun, the lighting is not perfect the sound is okay, the background is whatever it was, but I got views. Now I feel like all my videos have to look perfect like all the “big wigs” and now I’m nervous. I think the main issue is encouraging people to do perfectly imperfect videos just to get started would help alot. After watching Derek’s perfect video, I’m still a bit nervous. LOL!

    1. That’s so true Candi. When we’re sharing our message, sometimes we feel like everything has to look perfect. But just be you, share your message, and smile, and you’ll go great!

  2. Thank you, for suggesting using video on my web site. Great idea any suggestions where and how to start the process and download it onto the web site.

    1. Hi Patricia! A fairly easy way to get started with video is with your cell phone. Many smartphones have the ability to shoot video, which you can then upload to YouTube. Thank you for stopping by to comment!

  3. Thank you Derek for the great video on the importance of video in triggering likeability and trust – essential elements for client attraction. I am inspired to go for more investment in building videos in professional way. One question though… who many lighting boxes did you use during this video shoot at your client attraction studio? Is it shot at professional studio or at home office studio? Thank you once again for game changing strategy.

  4. I absolutely agree!!!! Since I have been using video my list has tripled! Yes, it’s scary at first but it gets easier.

    If you’re nervous just bust through that barrier my friend! You deserve more clients :)

  5. I’m just watching this now and funny enough I posted my first video on my blog yesterday and grew my list by 20%, had people emailing me like crazy, and more engagement on my website then ever – and the quality of my video is crap. I know it’s not elegant to say, but it is; it’s one of the reasons why I kept on putting it off, I knew it wouldn’t be pretty or perfect enough.

    Now that it’s out there and I’ve seen how responsive my readers are to it, I don’t think I’ll stop…I’ve already created my second ‘bad quality’ video, but it doesn’t matter…my readers are engaging and that is more important to me.

    However, I do agree with Derek, sound and lighting are key. If my readers couldn’t hear me nor see me they wouldn’t have stuck around to watch my video. Thanks so much for sharing!

    And just in case you want to see, this is my first take:

  6. Great video,

    I notice everytime I produce a video, someone always inbox me regarding more information about what I do in my business, so yes video is a good marketing strategy to use.

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