How to Use a Call to Action to Attract More Clients

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Today I want to talk about eliciting a response. Derek and I just came back from our mastermind meetings with hundreds of our clients from our Winners Academy. While we were doing website makeovers and marketing makeovers, business makeovers, article makeovers, ezine makeovers, we noticed that there’s this pattern that happens. You see, entrepreneurs are really good about getting out there and writing articles and going to networking groups and doing speaking gigs and having these whiz bang websites…and then I’m looking around and I’m thinking, “Where’s the call to action?” There’s no call to action.
If you’re wondering why you’re not multiplying your business to the next level or getting more clients or making more money, I want to ask you, “How are you eliciting a response?”We’re seeing really, really good content but if you don’t ask for the client to respond to you in one way or another, they’re not going to. You must connect the dots for them. If they don’t realize that you are for hire, they will not reach out to you to hire you.
There are many different responses you could be looking for.It could be that you want them to call you, you want them to email you, you want them to grab your free IFO (irresistible free offer), it could be that you want them to fill out one of your web forms, it could be, “Join me at this,” or “Register for that,” of “Click here.”

In everything that you do, you must be super clear about your MWR. Your MWR stands for Most Wanted Response. If you can look at your ezine and say, “What from this would I want my Most Wanted Response to be,” once you figure it out, then you need to put it there. You must include your call to action. It may be on your website or your web form. Whatever it is, be super clear. You must be strategic about client attraction.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

My assignment for you today is very simple. I would like for you to go to your website and review every single page to see if you are eliciting a response. Most people drive traffic to their website. But where’s the opt-in box? Where’s the free offer? Where’s the “Call me and let’s see if it makes sense to work together. Email me.” That’s what I want to see—your call to action.

Next, review all of your marketing tools–your ezine, your event sales pages. Look at your postcards. Look at your letters that you’re sending out, networking, your speaking gigs. I see people speaking all the time and there is no call to action. Even if you’re not allowed to sell, there are ways to elicit a response without being salesy.

Make an effort. Actually make a commitment to begin eliciting responses. That is how you get more clients, make more money and multiply your business.

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