How to turn overwhelm into productivity

shutterstock_214016389Maybe this has happened to you: you take a few classes, read a book or two or attend a conference and feel completely overwhelmed. You’re overflowing with new ideas, but feel drained by all the options.

This has happened to me. I’ve been on the seminar circuit and I return home with notebooks full of great ideas, tips and strategies. But there is no time to implement anything. I’ve been depleted and wonder where to start because there is just so much to do.

This situation can actually give you marketing paralysis. Here’s what I have done to combat overwhelm that will help you too.

1. Make a list of everything you need to do
Instead of a simple list, I make a map of everything on my plate. Take out a piece of paper and turn it horizontally. In the center, draw an oval and label it “My Projects.” Next, draw an oval for everything you have to do, including personal items. Connect each oval to the center one.

2. Review your to-do list and ask four questions
Your list will be way too big. To remedy that, look at each item and ask yourself these questions. Which three things can I get done that would:
• Bring in the most money quickly
• Get completed in the least amount of time
• Take the least amount of effort
• Have the greatest long-term impact

Put stars next to the three projects you select.

3. Work on chosen projects and follow through
Make a plan for how you will get the three items done. Schedule time on your calendar and set the intention to follow through until they are complete. You will need to push the “pause button” on all other items and hold to your commitment. This gives you the time and space to feel less overwhelmed.

4. Celebrate what you did do every day
At the end of every workday, note five things you are happy about finishing. They could be:
• I’m happy I closed that client
• I’m glad I wrote that letter
• I’m glad my desk is organized

Approach each day feeling satisfied that you accomplished something. Otherwise, every day will be another day you “didn’t get enough done,” which diminishes your enthusiasm, optimism and confidence. Even if you only get one thing done each workday, that’s 260 tasks you’ve completed in a year.

5. Take a Break
Sometimes you just need a day off. Don’t email, answer the phone or write anything. Fill your day with activities you love. Do you like to meditate, run or cook? Choose joyful activities that help you relax.

The idea is to have one day that’s 100% about you. Maybe take the whole weekend off, and then come back refreshed on Monday to start working on those three items.

Your Client Attraction Assignment
Give yourself permission to get the rest you need without guilt. Don’t berate yourself for getting nothing done because that is counter-productive. Enjoy your down time as much as possible, knowing that your projects will be waiting for you.

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